Point  ($$) 4.5
Cafe, Restaurant, Breakfast, Breakfast Restaurant, American Restaurant, Lunch, Breakfast Spot

Vegetarian options, Takeout, Dine-in, Casual, Iconic Dishes, Family-Friendly, Large Portions, Famous pancakes, Celebrity sightings

7916 Sunset Boulevard, Central LA, los angeles

The Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles is a legendary hotspot for breakfast enthusiasts. Known for its sizable portions and creative pancake varieties, this cafe provides a warm and inviting atmosphere that turns a classic breakfast into an unforgettable dining experience.

Point  (Free Entry) 4.5
stay time indicator 0.5-2.0 hr stay Open now Check Hours of Operation
Hiking Area, Recreational Area, Scenic Viewpoint, Park, Nature Reserve, Recreation Area, Dog Park

Dog-friendly, Hiking trails, Wildlife, Scenic views, Hiking Trails, Yoga Classes, Picnic Areas, Viewpoints, Yoga classes, Picnic areas, Free admission, Dog-Friendly

2000 North Fuller Avenue, Central LA, los angeles

Nestled in the heart of Hollywood, Runyon Canyon Park is a popular urban oasis offering panoramic views of Los Angeles and the Hollywood Sign. It is a sanctuary for hikers, dog lovers, and fitness enthusiasts, boasting a range of trails that cater to all levels of difficulty.

Point  (Free Entry) 4.8
stay time indicator 1.0-3.0 hr stay Open now Check Hours of Operation
Museum, Art Gallery, Architectural Landmark, Cultural Center, Historical Site

Family-Friendly, Educational Programs, Photography Areas, Public Restrooms, Event Spaces, Wheelchair Accessible, Gift Shop, Free Wi-Fi, Dining Options, Art Exhibitions, Gardens

1200 Getty Center Drive, Brentwood, los angeles

Nestled atop the hills of Los Angeles, The Getty Center presents an impressive collection of art, stunning architecture, and beautiful gardens. With panoramic views of the city, it offers a serene retreat from the urban bustle.

4. Bestia
 ($$$) 4.5
Restaurant, Lunch, Italian Cuisine, Dining, Dinner, Eatery, Fine Dining

Private Dining, Cocktail Bar, Wood-fired Oven, House-made Charcuterie, Vegetarian Options, Open Kitchen, Reservations, Wine Selection, Wood-Fired Oven

2121 East 7th Place, Downtown Los Angeles, los angeles

Nestled in the Arts District of Los Angeles, Bestia is a bustling Italian restaurant known for its chic industrial space, open kitchen, and a delightful fusion of traditional Italian cuisine with a modern twist. The atmosphere buzzes with energy as diners indulge in a symphony of wood-fired pizzas, homemade pastas, and an array of rustic dishes.

stay time indicator 1.0-2.5 hr stay Closed now Check Hours of Operation
Historical Landmark, Cultural Site, Art Museum, Architectural Landmark, Exhibition Hall

Exhibitions, Concerts, Film Screenings, Family Activities, Art Installations, Public Art, Gift Shop, Café, Cafes, Guided Tours, Educational Programs, Interactive Installations

5905 Wilshire Boulevard, Central LA, los angeles

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is the largest art museum in the western United States, showcasing a vast collection that spans both history and geography. It's a cultural hub where visitors can experience over 100,000 works of art, from ancient times to the present.

Point  ($$$) 4.5
Dinner, Dining, Restaurant, Steakhouse

Private dining rooms, Fine dining, Full bar, Wine selection, Wheelchair accessible, Valet parking

237 South Brand Boulevard, Downtown, glendale

Bourbon Steak Los Angeles is a luxurious steakhouse where culinary sophistication meets modern design. This Michael Mina establishment offers a unique dining experience with a focus on prime cuts of beef, fresh seafood, and an extensive wine list to complement every dish.

Fast Food, Lunch, Dining, Restaurant

Takeout, No-contact delivery, Dine-in

727 North Broadway, Central LA, los angeles

Howlin' Ray's Hot Chicken is the go-to spot in Los Angeles for Nashville-style hot chicken. With a vibrant atmosphere and a menu that boasts a range of heat levels from 'Country' to 'Howlin' Hot', it's a foodie's paradise for those who dare to test their spice tolerance.

Point  (Free Entry) 4.5
stay time indicator 0.5-1.5 hr stay Open now Check Hours of Operation
Food Hall, Historic Site, Shopping Destination, Market

Family-Friendly, Variety of Food Vendors, Vendor Stalls, Historic Architecture, Events and Entertainment

317 South Broadway, Downtown Los Angeles, los angeles

Grand Central Market, a downtown landmark since 1917, brings together the cuisines and cultures of Los Angeles. It's a vibrant and bustling marketplace housing food vendors, craft shops, and eateries, offering a rich tapestry of culinary experiences all under one historic roof.

9. Perch
 ($$$) 4.5
Dinner, Event Venue, Bar, Live Music Venue, Rooftop Bistro, Lunch, Restaurant, Rooftop

Rooftop seating, French cuisine, Brunch service, Panoramic Views, Live music, Cocktail bar, Live Music, Happy hour specials, Event hosting, French Cuisine, Cocktail Bar, Historic Building, Indoor and Outdoor Seating

448 South Hill Street, Downtown Los Angeles, los angeles

Perch is an elevated resting place, a rooftop haven that offers a whimsical French-inspired all-season rooftop bistro experience. With its intimate indoor and outdoor seating that showcases breathtaking views of the Downtown Los Angeles skyline, Perch is a destination that enchants locals and visitors alike with its playful yet sophisticated atmosphere.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Cafe, Breakfast, American Restaurant, Breakfast Spot, Breakfast Restaurant, Brunch Restaurant

Family-Friendly, Takeout available, Organic options, Family-friendly, Indoor seating, Gluten-Free Options, Locally sourced ingredients, Vegan and gluten-free options, Takes Reservations, Takeout Available, Outdoor Seating, WiFi, Vegetarian-Friendly

7371 Melrose Avenue, Fairfax, los angeles

Blu Jam Cafe on Melrose Avenue is a bustling, cozy spot known for its hearty brunches and creative breakfast menu. This cafe, with its rustic-chic decor, invites diners to indulge in a fusion of American and international flavors, earning itself a reputation as a must-visit breakfast destination in Los Angeles.

Point  ($$) 4.2
stay time indicator 1.5-2.5 hr stay Open now Check Hours of Operation
Educational Facility, Conservation Center, Botanical Garden, Conservation Area, Zoo, Wildlife Park

Photography Spots, Playgrounds, Food Concessions, Interactive Experiences, Gardens, Gift Shop, Picnic Areas, Mobile App for Navigation, Gift Shops, Play Areas, Botanical Gardens, Educational Programs, Animal Exhibits, Special Events, Food Options

5333 Zoo Drive, los angeles

The Los Angeles Zoo is a wildlife conservation center home to a diverse collection of animals from around the globe. Nestled in the heart of Los Angeles, it is a place where visitors can escape the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse themselves in the wonders of the natural world.

stay time indicator 1.0-4.0 hr stay Open now Check Hours of Operation
Hiking Trails, Recreation Area, Nature Preserve, National Park

Camping Sites, Picnic Areas, Equestrian Trails, Visitor Center, Historic Sites, Hiking Trails, Scenic Views, Wildlife Viewing, Mountain Biking

26876 Mulholland Hwy, calabasas

Nestled in the heart of Southern California, the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area offers a breathtaking escape from the urban sprawl of Los Angeles. With its rugged peaks, verdant canyons, and rich coastal biodiversity, this park is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Cafe, Coffee Shop, Breakfast, Eatery

Free Wi-Fi, Instagram-worthy Decor, Vegetarian-Friendly Options, Outdoor Seating, Custom Coffee Art

8251 Melrose Avenue, Melrose, los angeles

Carrera Cafe is a European-style eatery located on the vibrant Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, known for its trendy atmosphere and Instagram-worthy coffee art. This cafe offers a unique experience where patrons can enjoy a variety of gourmet sandwiches, salads, and pastries alongside meticulously crafted beverages.

stay time indicator 4.0-8.0 hr stay Open now Check Hours of Operation
Entertainment, Amusement Park, Theme Park, Attraction

Character Greetings, Themed Areas, Dining Options, Rides and Attractions, FastPass Service, Live Entertainment, Merchandise Shops, PhotoPass Service

1313 Disneyland Dr, anaheim

Disney California Adventure Park is a bustling hub of entertainment, offering an array of thrilling rides, captivating shows, and immersive themed areas. Visitors can explore seven exciting lands, including the recently added Pixar Pier, which brings beloved Pixar characters to life.

15. Habana
 ($$) 4.5
Restaurant, Dining, Lunch, Bar, Cuban Cuisine

Outdoor seating, Cocktail bar, Live music, Authentic Cuban dishes, Private dining options

708 Spectrum Center Drive, Irvine Spectrum Center, irvine

Habana at 708 Spectrum Center Dr offers a vibrant taste of Cuba in the heart of Irvine, California. This restaurant's richly decorated interior, warm lighting, and lively music create an inviting atmosphere that transports diners to the energetic streets of Havana.

Point  ($$$) 4.2
stay time indicator 2.0-2.5 hr stay Open now Check Hours of Operation
Family Attraction, Interactive Show, Dinner Theater, Live Performance

Stunt Performances, Musical Numbers, Gift Shop, Audience Participation, Special Effects, Live Entertainment, Dinner Included

7600 Beach Boulevard, buena park

Set sail for an evening of adventure and entertainment at the Pirates Dinner Adventure! This interactive dinner show immerses you in a swashbuckling tale of the high seas, complete with daring stunts, musical performances, and a sumptuous feast fit for a pirate king.

Dinner, Restaurant, Lunch, Bakery, Breakfast, Café

Pastries, Communal Tables, Artisanal Breads, French Cuisine, Sky-lit Spaces, Historic Building

624 South La Brea Avenue, Central LA, los angeles

République Café Bakery & République Restaurant is a bustling eatery situated in the heart of Los Angeles. Housed in a historic building with a charismatic blend of modern and classic French architecture, the venue offers an unforgettable culinary experience. Patrons are treated to a delightful array of artisanal bread, delectable pastries, and a sumptuous menu that blends French cuisine with Californian flair.

stay time indicator 0.5-1.0 hr stay Open now Check Hours of Operation
Event Venue, Corporate Team Building, Go-Kart Track, Entertainment Center

Cafe, Electric Karts, Free Parking, Private Meeting Rooms, Indoor Track, Wheelchair Accessible, Safety Equipment Provided, Arcade Games, Timing System, Professional Staff

19038 South Vermont Avenue, gardena

Feel the rush of adrenaline at K1 Speed, an indoor go-kart racing experience in Gardena, CA. With state-of-the-art electric karts and indoor tracks, it's the perfect venue for those seeking speed and thrill. Suitable for all skill levels, K1 Speed offers a unique and memorable racing adventure.

Point  ($$$$) 4.5
Japanese Cuisine, Restaurant, Fine Dining, Seafood Restaurant, Sushi Bar, Lunch, Dinner

Ocean View, Sushi Bar, Full Bar, Private Dining, Celebrity Spotting, Outdoor Seating, Valet Parking

22706 Pacific Coast Highway, Eastern Malibu, malibu

Nestled on the coast of Malibu, Nobu Malibu offers an exquisite dining experience that blends luxurious ambiance with delectable Japanese-inspired cuisine. With a stunning ocean view, this hotspot draws both locals and celebrities alike, making it an essential culinary landmark in Southern California.

Dining, Lunch, Restaurant, Gourmet Eatery, Beer Hall

Take-out available, Vegetarian-friendly, Diverse menu options, Craft beers, Casual seating

625 Lincoln Boulevard, Venice, los angeles

Wurstküche Restaurant in Venice Beach is a modern, inventive hotspot known for its gourmet sausages and vibrant, eclectic atmosphere. It's a place where old-world charm meets contemporary culinary creativity, offering a diverse menu of sausages ranging from classic bratwurst to exotic flavors like rattlesnake and rabbit.

21. Guisados
 ($) 4.5
Dine-in, Mexican Cuisine, Takeout, Dinner, Restaurant

Handmade Tortillas, Local Favorite, Vegetarian Options, Vegan Options, Family-Owned, Spicy Options

312 North San Fernando Boulevard, burbank

Guisados is a celebrated eatery known for its traditional Mexican homestyle braises on handmade corn tortillas. Each taco is a gourmet experience, filled with flavors that are both complex and comforting.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Restaurant, Bar, Dining, Brewery, Lunch

Family-friendly, In-house brewery, Local ingredients, Gluten-free options, Takeout available, Outdoor seating, Live music nights, Vegan-friendly dishes, Private events, Seasonal menu

27746 McBean Parkway, Valencia, santa clarita

Wolf Creek Restaurant & Brewing Co. offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for a relaxing meal or a gathering with friends and family. With its diverse menu featuring American cuisine, craft beers brewed on-site, and a commitment to using fresh, local ingredients, it's a culinary gem in Valencia.

Point  (Free Entry) 4.8
stay time indicator 2.0-4.0 hr stay Open now Check Hours of Operation
Outdoor Activities, Recreational, Water Sports, Rafting, Nature, Adventures

Safety Equipment, Professional Instructors, Scenic Views, Guided Tours, Family Friendly

11316 Kernville Road, kernville

Whitewater Voyages is the premier rafting outfitter on the Kern River, offering exhilarating river rafting adventures that cater to all skill levels. With the Sierra Nevada mountains as a backdrop, this destination promises both thrills and natural beauty.

Mexican Cuisine, Dining, Dinner, Restaurant

Indoor Seating, Family Friendly, Authentic Menu, Alcohol Served, Vegetarian Options

7476 North Fresno Street, fresno

Sal's Mexican Restaurant in Fresno offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for savoring the rich flavors of authentic Mexican cuisine. Known for its delicious dishes and friendly service, this family-owned restaurant has been a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

Point  (Free Entry) 4.5
stay time indicator 0.5-1.0 hr stay Open now Check Hours of Operation
Recreational Area, Fitness Spot, Natural Feature, Park

Playground, Sand Dune, Walking Paths, Foot-washing Station, Benches, Picnic Tables

3299 Bell Avenue, manhattan beach

Nestled in the heart of Manhattan Beach, Sand Dune Park is a charming local destination famed for its large, natural sand dune that provides both recreational opportunities and stunning views of the surrounding area. Ideal for fitness enthusiasts and families alike, the park offers a unique outdoor experience with its challenging dune climb and serene surroundings.

Point  ($$) 4.5
stay time indicator 0.5-1.5 hr stay Open now Check Hours of Operation
Go-Kart Track, Amusement Center, Entertainment Center

Multiple Tracks, Snack Bar, Group Events, Safety Gear Provided, Arcade Games

21830 Recreation Road, carson

Unleash your inner speed demon at Go Kart World, a thrilling go-karting venue that promises fun for the entire family! With multiple tracks to suit different skill levels and ages, this place is a haven for adrenaline junkies looking to satisfy their need for speed.

Point  ($$$) 4.5
Restaurant, Dinner, Fine Dining, Ocean View

Private Dining, Ocean View, Wine Selection, Cocktail Bar, Reservations

117 Manhattan Beach Boulevard, manhattan beach

The Strand House is a culinary gem nestled in the heart of Manhattan Beach, offering a sophisticated dining experience with breathtaking ocean views. This upscale eatery prides itself on serving innovative dishes crafted from locally sourced ingredients, paired with a world-class selection of wines and artisanal cocktails.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Entertainment Venue, Bar, Lunch, Restaurant, Rooftop

Cocktails, Trivia Nights, Dining, Themed Decor, City Views

215 South Madison Avenue, pasadena

The Big Bang Theory Rooftop offers a unique dining and entertainment experience inspired by the popular TV show. With its themed decor and vibrant atmosphere, it's the perfect spot for fans to immerse themselves in the world of their favorite characters while enjoying panoramic views of the city skyline.

stay time indicator 1.0-2.0 hr stay Closed now Check Hours of Operation
Sports Complex, Ice Skating Rink, Recreational Facility

Hockey leagues, Birthday party packages, Free Wi-Fi, Lockers, Skating lessons, Public skating sessions, Figure skating programs, Skate rentals, Snack bar, Pro shop

300 East Green Street, pasadena

Gliding across the glistening surface at the Pasadena Ice Skating Center is a delightful experience for skaters of all levels. Nestled in the heart of Pasadena, this rink offers a cool escape from the Southern California sun with its well-maintained ice and friendly atmosphere.

Point  (Free Entry) 4.5
stay time indicator 1.0-2.5 hr stay Open now Check Hours of Operation
Event Venue, Equestrian Center, Recreational Area

Equestrian Competitions, Horseback Riding Lessons, Horse Boarding, Event Rentals

480 Riverside Drive, burbank

Nestled in the heart of Burbank, the Los Angeles Equestrian Center is a premier destination for horse enthusiasts and event-goers. Boasting top-notch facilities, it serves as a hub for equestrian events, competitions, and recreational riding.

Point  ($) 4.5
Eatery, Breakfast, Lunch, Bakery, Cafe

Vegetarian options, Catering service, Takeout available, Family-friendly, Wheelchair accessible

3614 Magnolia Boulevard, Magnolia Park, burbank

Porto's Bakery and Cafe is a beloved family-owned eatery known for its delicious Cuban pastries, cakes, and savory delights. With a warm, bustling atmosphere, the bakery offers a taste of Cuban tradition in the heart of Burbank.

Point  ($$$) 4.5
Art Gallery, Tattoo Studio, Lunch, Ink Studio, Custom Tattoos, Body Art

Aftercare Services, Experienced Artists, Custom Designs, Clean Environment

7365 Melrose Avenue, Fairfax, los angeles

Iron & Ink Tattoo Studio in Los Angeles is a premier destination for body art enthusiasts seeking high-quality tattoo work. With a focus on custom designs, the studio boasts a team of experienced artists who bring each client's vision to life in a vibrant and welcoming environment.

Point  (Free Entry) 4.8
stay time indicator 0.5-1.0 hr stay Open now Check Hours of Operation
Helicopter Tour Agency, Tourist Attraction

Stunning aerial views, Variety of tour options, Professional pilots

16700 Roscoe Boulevard, Van Nuys, los angeles

Experience breathtaking views of Los Angeles with an exciting helicopter tour that takes you above the city's iconic landmarks and stunning landscapes. Feel the thrill of soaring through the sky as the metropolis unfolds beneath you, offering a unique perspective on this bustling city.

Point  ($$) 4.5
stay time indicator 1.5-2.0 hr stay Closed now Check Hours of Operation
Outdoor Activity, Adventure Sport, Tourist Attraction

Eco-Friendly, Wildlife Watching, Guided Tours

2825 Benedict Street, Echo Park, los angeles

Discover the beauty of urban nature on the LA River Kayak Safari. Paddle through the soft currents and explore a side of Los Angeles you never knew existed. The lush riverbanks and surprising tranquility provide a perfect outdoor adventure.

Gourmet Dining, Spa, Hotel, Dinner, Luxury Accommodation, Event Venue

Event Planning, Rooftop Pool, Valet Parking, Meeting Spaces, Spa Services, Pet-Friendly, Fine Dining, Business Services, Concierge Service, Fitness Center

465 La Cienega Boulevard, Central LA, los angeles

SLS Hotel, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Beverly Hills, offers a luxurious and sophisticated experience, blending avant-garde design with a flair for the dramatic. It caters to both leisure and business travelers seeking upscale accommodation with a twist of modernity.

Point  ($$) 4.5
stay time indicator 4.0-6.0 hr stay Closed now Check Hours of Operation
Family Attraction, Theme Park, Amusement Park, Roller Coaster, Entertainment

Seasonal Events, Character Meet and Greets, VIP Tours, Water Rides, Roller Coasters, Dining Options, Shopping Outlets, Live Entertainment, Games and Arcades

26101 Magic Mountain Pkwy, valencia

Six Flags Magic Mountain, located in Valencia, California, is a thrill-seeker's paradise. Known for its world-class roller coasters and over 100 rides, games, and attractions, it's the perfect place for an adrenaline-pumping adventure.

37. Avalon
 (Free Entry) 4.5
stay time indicator 2.0-4.0 hr stay Open now Check Hours of Operation
Historical Landmark, Tourist Destination, Town

Restaurants, Historical Tours, Shopping Areas, Water Sports, Beach Access

Catalina Island, avalon

Nestled on the serene Catalina Island, Avalon is a picturesque town offering a Mediterranean-like atmosphere. With its charming waterfront, colorful buildings, and palm-lined streets, it's a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of mainland life.

Point  ($$$) 4.2
Waterfront, Lunch, Dining, Restaurant, Seafood

Outdoor seating, Craft beers, Waterfront dining, Sustainable seafood, Harbor views, Wine selection

306 Crescent Avenue, avalon

Bluewater Avalon is a seafood restaurant that offers a breathtaking dining experience with views of the harbor and an eclectic menu emphasizing sustainable seafood.

Point  (Free Entry) 4.5
stay time indicator 2.0-4.0 hr stay Open now Check Hours of Operation
Bar, Restaurant, Beach Club, Outdoor Activities

Access to Hiking Trails, Beachside Service, Stunning Ocean Views, Water Sports Rentals, Live Music Events, Private Cabanas

1 Saint Catherine Way, avalon

Descanso Beach Club is a slice of paradise offering pristine sand, gentle waves, and luxurious amenities on Catalina Island. This secluded beach offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure with activities ranging from lounging to water sports.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Dining, Restaurant, Dinner, Taiwanese Cuisine, Lunch

Locally Sourced Ingredients, Tea Selection, Seasonal Specials, Minimalist Decor, Vegan Options

1521 Griffith Park Boulevard, Silver Lake, los angeles

Pine and Crane in Silverlake is a beloved authentic Taiwanese eatery, renowned for its flavorful dishes that combine traditional recipes with fresh, local ingredients. It's a hotspot for foodies craving a mix of classic and contemporary Taiwanese fare, set in a modern minimalist interior.

Point  ($$) 4.5
stay time indicator 1.0-2.0 hr stay Open now Check Hours of Operation
Historic Site, Tourist Attraction, Museum, Excavation Site

Café, Guided Tours, Educational Programs, Live Excavations, Interactive Exhibits, Gift Shop

5801 Wilshire Boulevard, Central LA, los angeles

The La Brea Tar Pits and Museum is a fascinating window into prehistoric Los Angeles, where Ice Age animals fell prey to sticky tar and became part of history. Today, it's a unique blend of active dig site, museum, and research facility all in one.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Lunch, Marketplace, Breakfast, Bakery, Gourmet Food, Catering Service, Cafe, Deli

Outdoor seating, Take-out, Gourmet Food, Casual dining, Patio Seating, Family friendly, Dine-in, Takeout available, Bakery, Gourmet market, Catering, Artisanal Products

8350 West 3rd Street, Central LA, los angeles

Joan's on Third is a celebrated, family-owned Gourmet Marketplace, Café and Catering company that offers a delectable selection of culinary delights, from artisanal sandwiches to freshly baked pastries. With its cozy atmosphere and chic decor, it's the perfect spot for a casual brunch or a gourmet food shopping experience.

Point  ($$$$) 4.8
Clubhouse, Entertainment Venue, Historic Building, Dinner, Private Club

Victorian Mansion, Historic Atmosphere, Fine Dining, Bar, Magic Shows

7001 Franklin Avenue, nr. The Magic Castle, Central LA, los angeles

The Magic Castle, an exclusive clubhouse nestled in the Hollywood area, serves as the world's most famous venue for magicians and magic enthusiasts. Its Victorian-style mansion adds a touch of enchantment, hosting jaw-dropping live magic shows and fine dining under one roof, with performances by some of the most accomplished magicians from around the globe.

44. Pizzana
 ($$) 4.5
Pizzeria, Dinner, Dining, Restaurant, Italian Cuisine, Lunch

Wood-fired Oven, Artisanal Pizzas, Reservations, Local Ingredients

11712 San Vicente Boulevard, West Los Angeles, los angeles

Pizzana is an artisanal pizzeria that blends the tradition of classic Italian pizza with fresh, local ingredients. Nestled in the heart of Los Angeles, each pizza is handcrafted and baked to perfection in a wood-fired oven, creating a perfect symphony of flavors and textures.

Point  ($) 4.5
stay time indicator 1.0-3.0 hr stay Closed now Check Hours of Operation
Park, Historical Landmark, Entertainment Center, Sports Venue

Live horse racing, Picnic areas, Family-friendly events, Guided tours, Dining options, Gift shop

285 West Huntington Drive, arcadia

Santa Anita Park is an iconic thoroughbred racetrack in Arcadia, California, known for its breathtaking backdrop of the San Gabriel Mountains. It's not only a paradise for horse racing enthusiasts but also a delightful spot for a family day out, offering a variety of dining and entertainment options.

46. Urth Caffe
 ($$) 4.3
Bakery, Cafe, Coffee Shop, Eatery, Health Food Store, Breakfast, Café

Organic Menu, Wheelchair Accessible, Free Wi-Fi, Vegan Options, Patio Seating, Wi-Fi Available, Gluten-Free Options, Outdoor Seating, Organic Coffee

459 South Hewitt Street, Downtown Los Angeles, los angeles

Urth Caffe on Hewitt Street is a vibrant, health-conscious eatery in the heart of Los Angeles known for its organic coffees and fine teas. With its inviting ambiance, it's a perfect spot for both social gatherings and solo retreats.

47. Eggslut
 ($$) 4.5
Gourmet Eatery, Breakfast, Breakfast Spot, Fast Casual, Restaurant

Casual Seating, Vegetarian Options, Located in Grand Central Market, Takeout Available, Iconic Menu Items, Casual Atmosphere, Locally Sourced Ingredients, Innovative Menu

317 South Broadway, Downtown Los Angeles, los angeles

Eggslut is a chef-driven, gourmet food concept founded in 2011. It's known for its unique take on comfort food with an emphasis on quality, taste, and dedication to sourcing from local purveyors. The menu is a balance of comfort and innovation, celebrating food that appeals to both novice and extreme foodies through classic comfort fare with a twist.

Point  (Free Entry) 4.8
stay time indicator 1.5-3.0 hr stay Open now Check Hours of Operation
Event Venue, IMAX Theater, Non-profit Organization, Educational, Museum, Exhibition Space, Science Center, Family Attraction

Café, Gift Shop, Parking Available, Free WiFi, Stroller Friendly, Interactive Exhibits, Space Shuttle Endeavour, IMAX Theater, Lockers Available, Ecosystems Exhibit, Educational Programs, Photography Allowed, Live Demonstrations, Public Restrooms, Wheelchair Accessible

700 Exposition Park Drive, South Los Angeles, los angeles

The California Science Center is a dynamic destination where families, adults and children can explore the wonders of science through interactive exhibits, live demonstrations, innovative programs and awe-inspiring films. The Science Center's permanent exhibits span a range of topics from ecosystems to the human body, and it also features the Space Shuttle Endeavour, showcasing the science behind this incredible piece of engineering.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Lunch, Dinner, Culinary Experience, Taiwanese Cuisine, Restaurant, Dining, Dim Sum Restaurant

Comfortable Seating, Traditional Taiwanese Dishes, Friendly Staff, Handcrafted Dumplings, Vegetarian Options, Reservation Option, Authentic Taiwanese Flavors, Open Kitchen

1164 Galleria Way, Downtown, glendale

Din Tai Fung is a globally renowned Taiwanese restaurant famous for its meticulously handcrafted dumplings and refined Taiwanese cuisine. The bustling kitchen's transparent design allows diners to witness the precision that goes into each dish.

Point  ($) 4.5
Dinner, Lunch, Historic Site, Culinary Spot, Restaurant

Takeout, Family-Friendly, Casual, Dine-in, Historic Atmosphere

1001 North Alameda Street, Central LA, los angeles

Philippe The Original, often simply called Philippe's, is a cherished eatery in Los Angeles known for its mouth-watering French dipped sandwiches. This bustling restaurant with its sawdust-covered floors offers a nostalgic ambiance reminiscent of a bygone era.

51. Salazar
 ($$) 4.5
Patio Dining, Mexican Cuisine, Grill, Dining, Restaurant, Lunch

Local Ingredients, Unique Ambiance, Cocktails, Casual, Outdoor Seating, Mexican Grill, Craft Cocktails, Pet-Friendly

2490 Fletcher Drive, Elysian Valley, los angeles

Salazar is a renowned outdoor dining destination in Los Angeles, known for its vibrant atmosphere and a delightful fusion of Mexican flavors with a modern twist. Nestled in Frogtown, it's a perfect spot for enjoying Southern California's sunny days and cool evenings.

Point  ($$$) 4.5
Fine Dining, Restaurant, Seasonal Menu, Eatery, Local Produce, Lunch, Italian Cuisine, Dinner, Dining

Intimate Atmosphere, Handmade Pastas, Seasonal Menu, Local Ingredients, Wine Pairings, House-made Pasta, Locally Sourced Ingredients

37 Union Street, Old Pasadena, pasadena

Nestled in the heart of Pasadena, Union Restaurant is a beacon of culinary excellence, offering a fusion of modern and traditional Italian cuisine. This cozy eatery prides itself on using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to craft dishes that sing with flavor and innovation.

Point  ($$$) 4.5
Cultural Landmark, Restaurant, Dinner, Lunch, Historic Site

Full Bar, Classic Cuisine, Private Dining, Classic Cocktails, Iconic Hollywood Memorabilia, Private Dining Rooms, Celebrity Hangout, Historic Decor

6667 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, los angeles

Step into Hollywood's golden age at Musso & Frank Grill, a culinary landmark serving classic American dishes since 1919. With its rich mahogany booths and timeless ambiance, this iconic eatery has been a favorite haunt for generations of stars and locals alike.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Lunch, Restaurant, Dining, Ramen Shop, Japanese Cuisine, Dinner

Dine-in, Takeout available, Authentic Japanese cuisine, Takeout Available, Vegetarian Options, Casual Atmosphere, No Reservations, Authentic Japanese Ramen, No-contact delivery, Cozy atmosphere

327 1st Street, Downtown Los Angeles, los angeles

Daikokuya Little Tokyo is a bustling, cozy ramen shop known for its rich tonkotsu broth and traditional Tokyo-style ramen. This culinary gem in the heart of Los Angeles' Little Tokyo district delivers hearty bowls of noodle soup that have earned it a loyal following.

55. The Grove
 (Free Entry) 4.5
stay time indicator 1.0-2.5 hr stay Open now Check Hours of Operation
Outdoor, Entertainment Complex, Shopping Mall, Dining, Shopping Center, Open-Air Mall

Movie Theater, Retail Shops, Fountain Show, Restaurants, Valet Parking, Free Wi-Fi, Retail Outlets, Animated Fountain, Cinemas, Dining Options, Free Trolley Service, Trolley Ride

189 The Grove Drive, Fairfax, los angeles

The Grove is a renowned outdoor shopping and entertainment complex in Los Angeles that captivates visitors with its open-air promenade, lush landscapes, and a charming trolley that ferries shoppers around. With a mix of high-end retailers, delicious eateries, and a movie theater, it's a popular destination for both locals and tourists looking to indulge in retail therapy or simply enjoy the vibrant atmosphere.

Point  ($$) 4.5
stay time indicator 1.0-1.5 hr stay Open now Check Hours of Operation
Horseback Riding Service, Ranch, Tourist Attraction, Equestrian Facility

Horseback Riding, Guided Tours, Historic Site, Event Venue, Scenic Views

3400 Beachwood Drive, Central LA, los angeles

Sunset Ranch Hollywood offers a unique equestrian experience in the heart of Los Angeles. Nestled in the Hollywood Hills, it provides visitors with stunning city views and a chance to escape the hustle and bustle on horseback.

Point  ($$) 4.3
Cafe, Bakery, Coffee Shop, Breakfast

Vegetarian Options, Outdoor Seating, Free Wi-Fi, Variety of Baked Goods, Indoor Seating

403 North Larchmont Boulevard, Central LA, los angeles

Bricks and Scones is a cozy and charming cafe nestled in the heart of Larchmont Village in Los Angeles. This delightful spot is a favorite among locals and visitors alike for its comfortable ambiance, delicious coffee, and an array of tasty scones, pastries, and light meals. Its relaxing atmosphere provides a perfect escape from the bustling city life, allowing guests to enjoy a quiet read or catch up on work with the free Wi-Fi.

Point  ($$) 4.5
stay time indicator 1.0-2.5 hr stay Open now Check Hours of Operation
Recreational Facility, Fitness Center, Indoor Climbing Gym

Yoga Studio, Wi-Fi, Bouldering Walls, Lockers, Fitness Equipment, Restrooms, Climbing gear rental, Free Wi-Fi, Fitness training, Yoga classes, Locker rooms, Snack bar, Pro-shop, Bouldering walls, Climbing Gear Shop

1375 East 6th Street, Downtown Los Angeles, los angeles

LA Boulders, affectionately known as LAB, boasts some of the best indoor bouldering terrain in Southern California. With over 12,000 square feet of climbing surface, the facility is a hub for climbers of all skill levels, featuring walls that challenge both beginners and seasoned climbers.

Point  (Free Entry) 4.5
stay time indicator 0.5-1.5 hr stay Open now Check Hours of Operation
Shopping, Shopping Destination, Food Venue, Cultural Spot, Historical Landmark, Farmers Market, Cultural Experience, Market, Food Court

Variety of Foods, Artisanal Shops, Family-friendly, Special events, Live Entertainment, Live music on certain days, Outdoor Seating, Local produce, Variety of cuisines, Family Friendly

6333 West 3rd Street, Fairfax, los angeles

The Original Farmers Market in Los Angeles is a historic hub of food and culture, offering a diverse array of eateries, shops, and produce stands. As a quintessential gathering place, it's where locals and tourists alike come for a taste of a wide variety of cuisines and to shop for specialty items.

60. Alcove
 ($$) 4.5
Bar, Breakfast, Historic Site, Garden, Restaurant, Cafe

Late Night Dining, Vegetarian Options, Brunch Menu, Cocktail Bar, Outdoor Seating, Garden Patios, Historic Building

1929 Hillhurst Avenue, Central LA, los angeles

Nestled in the bustling neighborhood of Los Feliz, Alcove is a charming spot that offers a cozy ambiance for dining and socializing. Housed in two historic bungalows, surrounded by garden patios, Alcove serves up American and international classics with a twist, alongside a wide selection of drinks.

Point  ($$$$) 4.5
Bar, Hotel, Restaurant, Historic Site, Accommodation, Dinner, Landmark

Luxury Accommodation, Historic Architecture, Gourmet Dining, Celebrity Clientele, Gardens, Lush Gardens, Bar/Lounge, Swimming Pool, Event Hosting, Celebrity Sightings, Fine Dining, Luxury Accommodations, Private Bungalows

8221 Sunset Boulevard, Sunset Strip, los angeles

Chateau Marmont stands as an iconic fixture on Los Angeles' Sunset Boulevard. Designed to mirror the Château d'Amboise in France's Loire Valley, this hotel has been an exclusive hideaway for the Hollywood elite since 1929. Its private bungalows and storied past offer a unique blend of vintage glamour and modern luxury.

62. Sqirl
 ($$) 4.5
Eatery, Breakfast, Breakfast Spot, Cafe

Locally Sourced Ingredients, Takeaway Available, Vegetarian Options, Casual Dining, Seasonal Menu

720 Virgil Avenue, East Hollywood, los angeles

Sqirl is a bustling, trendy eatery known for its seasonally-driven, locally-sourced cuisine, where the flavors of Southern California shine through in every dish. The restaurant is famous for its inventive jams, iconic Ricotta Toast, and a vibrant selection of grain bowls, salads, and sandwiches.

Point  (Free Entry) 4.2
stay time indicator 0.5-1.0 hr stay Open now Check Hours of Operation
Recreational Area, Wildlife Area, Nature Reserve, Park

Picnic Areas, Native Plants, Wildlife Observation, Walking Paths

2944 Gleneden Street, Echo Park, los angeles

Marsh Street Nature Park is a serene haven nestled in the bustling city of Los Angeles. This urban oasis offers a peaceful retreat with walking paths meandering through lush greenery, native plants, and a variety of wildlife. It's a perfect spot for nature lovers, bird watchers, and anyone looking to escape the city's noise.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Entertainment Complex, Lunch, Residential Area, Dining, Shopping Center

Public Art, Restaurants, Animated Fountain, Live Entertainment, Luxury Accommodations, Cinema, Trolley Service, Parking Facilities, Retail Shops

889 Americana Way, Downtown, glendale

The Americana at Brand is a large outdoor shopping community in Glendale, California, offering a unique blend of retail, dining, and entertainment. Stroll down the picturesque walkways lined with lush landscaping and an animated fountain that dances to the tunes of classic and contemporary hits.

Point  (Free Entry) 4.5
stay time indicator 1.0-2.5 hr stay Open now Check Hours of Operation
Historic Site, Tourist Attraction, State Park, Nature Preserve, Equestrian Facility, Picnic Area, Equestrian Trail, Hiking Area

Horseback Riding, Picnic Tables, Picnic Areas, Wildlife Viewing, Hiking Trails, Equestrian Trails, Educational Exhibits, Scenic Overlooks, Polo Field, Guided Tours, Historic Ranch House, Visitor Center, Ranch House, Photography Spots, Gift Shop

1501 Will Rogers State Park Road, Pacific Palisades, los angeles

Nestled in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains, Will Rogers State Historic Park is an idyllic retreat from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. The park offers visitors a chance to enjoy hiking, horseback riding, and picnicking amidst verdant landscapes and sweeping views.

Point  (Free Entry) 4.8
stay time indicator 0.5-1.0 hr stay Open now Check Hours of Operation
Outdoor, Tourist Attraction, Cultural, Historic Site, Landmark

No direct access, Photography spot, Iconic Landmark, Photo Opportunity, Iconic view, Hiking Trails Nearby, Scenic Views

Hollywood Hills, los angeles

Perched on Mount Lee in the Hollywood Hills, the Hollywood Sign is one of the most iconic landmarks in the United States, if not the world. This massive sign is an emblem of the entertainment industry and offers breathtaking views of Los Angeles and beyond.

Point  ($) 4.5
stay time indicator 1.0-2.0 hr stay Open now Check Hours of Operation
Attraction, Educational Site, Historical Landmark, Observatory, Tourist Attraction, Education Center, Landmark, Historic Site

Astronomy Talks, Historic Telescopes, Telescope Viewing, Astronomical Exhibits, Exhibits, Telescope Tours, Hiking Trails, Guided Tours, Hiking Trails Nearby, Picnic Areas, Viewing Gallery

Mt Wilson Rd, los angeles

Perched atop the San Gabriel Mountains, Mount Wilson Observatory is a scientific treasure and a testament to human curiosity. With its historic telescopes, visitors can witness the same instruments that redefined our understanding of the cosmos.

68. Gjelina
 ($$$) 4.5
Dining, Lunch, Restaurant, Cuisine, Eatery, Dinner

Seasonal menu, Vegetarian-friendly, Outdoor seating, Local ingredients, Rooftop garden, Rustic ambiance, Trendy atmosphere, Artisanal pizzas, No substitutions policy

1429 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice, los angeles

Gjelina is a trendy, bustling eatery located on the famed Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, California. Known for its chic, minimalist decor and a vibrant atmosphere, it serves up a delectable array of New American fare with a focus on locally-sourced ingredients. The menu features everything from artisanal pizzas to creative small plates that showcase the best of California's produce.