About Turu


Ignite a Vibrant Life of Ease and Joy for All

Who we are

At Turu, we're revolutionizing travel with our all-in-one AI-based platform, offering meticulously curated itineraries for unforgettable experiences. Our platform saves time and money, prioritizes safety, and caters to working families with a built-in travel agent experience.

With game-changing features and personalized recommendations, Turu ensures remarkable journeys with safety and convenience.

Our Values (PEAS)


With unwavering determination, we strive to exceed expectations, going the extra mile to create moments of jubilation and delight for our travelers.


Efficiency is our guiding principle, driving us to optimize every aspect of our operations.

Always do the right

We are committed to providing unparalleled service, removing all guesswork and ensuring our users have an unforgettable and blissful experience.


We leverage AI and curated data to cut through the overwhelming abundance of information on the internet, simplifying it for our users.

Our Story

Turu came to life in May 2021, fueled by Gayathri's and my unyielding passion for travel, forged through countless unforgettable adventures both domestically and abroad. Turu is an AI based travel platform saving our users the time, money and effort, allowing them to focus on creating incredible memories while we take care of the details.

Our Team

Turu founder Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma, Founder

Turu was born in May 2021, driven by Gayathri's and my deep love for travel, cultivated through numerous memorable adventures at home and abroad. Turu, an AI-powered travel platform, helps our users save time, money, and hassle, enabling them to concentrate on making amazing memories while we handle the logistics.

Before Turu, I led software engineering teams at various Fortune 500 and startups, most recently at Lambda School (now Bloomtech), and gained extensive experience in diverse roles. With master's and bachelor's degrees in computer science, I am eager to shape future of Travel with Turu.


Turu co-founder Gayathri Somepalli

Gayathri Somepalli, Co-founder

As a Turu co-founder, I joined early, driven by a love for crafting itineraries with Kapil. Travel passion fueled our determination to launch Turu, aiming to provide transformative experiences.

With a Master's in computers and Technical Consultant background, I've led teams across startups and multinationals. Beyond travel, I enjoy diverse cuisines, the outdoors, and tennis. Join Turu for a redefined travel experience and lifelong memories.


Turu's Chief Pet Officer

Coco, Chief Pet Officer

Woof! I'm Coco, Turu's proud Chief Pet Officer, bringing mischief and charm to our team as a devoted travel companion. An advocate for pet-friendly spaces, I believe every pet deserves unforgettable journeys. Let's embark on incredible adventures with Turu!