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times square, new york

Times Square, popularly known as the Crossroads of the World, is an iconic; busiest tourist attraction. More than 50 million people visit this place annually. It is always crowded but for a special occasion like New Year’s Eve - the “Dropping of the ball” ceremony, it attracts more than a million visitors. Big, bright, and unforgettable flashing neon lights and brilliantly lit billboards and screens (not to mention the world’s largest LED NASDAQ sign!) make this place vibrant and exciting. This place offers an electrifying experience for everyone. There is a lot of entertainment options for families and people in all age groups; such as Broadway and street shows, Theatre, Concerts, Shopping, museums, and home to some of the best restaurants. You'll run into several street artists, people dressed as different superheroes, characters from movies/shows, etc. Feel free to take pictures with them in exchange for tips. The place is full of stores, hotels, cafes, bars, restaurants, and ticket booths. There are also many theatres and cinemas in the area.

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45 Rockfeller Plaza, new york

A visit to New York City wouldn't be complete without a trip to this National Historic Landmark. Rockefeller Center consists of 19 high-rise buildings spanning 22 acres between 48th and 51st street. This place is the epicenter of everything, a city within a city. See more than 100 sculptures, statues, murals, friezes, decorative fountains, and mosaics throughout the buildings. People enjoy skating at the world-famous rink during winter. The complex is also famous for its annual lighting of the Christmas tree.

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89 E 42nd street, new york

The Grand Central Terminal is the world’s biggest railroad terminal with 44 platforms and 67 tracks. It’s home to many restaurants, shops, and heart-touching events. Every time is the right time to visit Grand Central Terminal. The basement of the grand central is the deepest basement in New York City. In fact, one can sink a ten-story office building down through the Main Concourse floor, and NOT reach the basement floor of Grand Central. The world’s largest Tiffany clock is at grand central. A great place for traveling, eating and shopping, or just sitting on a bench and watching people.

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Mulberry St & Broome St, new york

Little Italy is full of Italian customs, food, language, famous Italian restaurants, and stores. Powerful members of the Italian mafia used little Italy as their base location in the past. Little Italy was home to the Italian immigrants who came through New York City starting in the late 1870s. There are lots of little shops and eateries that you can try and enjoy to experience the Italian culture.