Point  ($$) 4.5
Cafe, Restaurant, Breakfast, Breakfast Restaurant, American Restaurant, Lunch, Breakfast Spot

Vegetarian options, Takeout, Dine-in, Casual, Iconic Dishes, Family-Friendly, Large Portions, Famous pancakes, Celebrity sightings

7916 Sunset Boulevard, Central LA, los angeles

The Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles is a legendary hotspot for breakfast enthusiasts. Known for its sizable portions and creative pancake varieties, this cafe provides a warm and inviting atmosphere that turns a classic breakfast into an unforgettable dining experience.

Point  ($$$) 4.5
Gourmet Market, Cafe, Breakfast, Restaurant, Patisserie, Dinner

Café, Wheelchair accessible, Bakery, Dine-in, Takeout, Vegetarian options, Dessert counter, Vegan options, Accepts credit cards

700 South Grand Avenue, Downtown Los Angeles, los angeles

Bottega Louie is a vibrant Italian restaurant, gourmet market, patisserie, and café located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Known for its bustling atmosphere and delightful cuisine, this establishment is a feast for the senses with its bright, open-concept space and eye-catching patisserie creations.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Bakery, Breakfast, Espresso Bar, Cafe, Coffee Shop

Organic Coffee, Free Wi-Fi, Vegan Options, Outdoor Seating, Locally Sourced Ingredients

1501 North Cahuenga Boulevard, Central LA, los angeles

Groundwork Coffee Co. on N Cahuenga Blvd is a rustic, brick-walled cafe known for its organic coffee and locally sourced pastries. It's a popular spot among freelancers and creatives looking for a cozy corner to work or a relaxed environment to meet up with friends.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Cafe, Breakfast, American Restaurant, Breakfast Spot, Breakfast Restaurant, Brunch Restaurant

Family-Friendly, Takeout available, Organic options, Family-friendly, Indoor seating, Gluten-Free Options, Locally sourced ingredients, Vegan and gluten-free options, Takes Reservations, Takeout Available, Outdoor Seating, WiFi, Vegetarian-Friendly

7371 Melrose Avenue, Fairfax, los angeles

Blu Jam Cafe on Melrose Avenue is a bustling, cozy spot known for its hearty brunches and creative breakfast menu. This cafe, with its rustic-chic decor, invites diners to indulge in a fusion of American and international flavors, earning itself a reputation as a must-visit breakfast destination in Los Angeles.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Cafe, Coffee Shop, Breakfast, Eatery

Free Wi-Fi, Instagram-worthy Decor, Vegetarian-Friendly Options, Outdoor Seating, Custom Coffee Art

8251 Melrose Avenue, Melrose, los angeles

Carrera Cafe is a European-style eatery located on the vibrant Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, known for its trendy atmosphere and Instagram-worthy coffee art. This cafe offers a unique experience where patrons can enjoy a variety of gourmet sandwiches, salads, and pastries alongside meticulously crafted beverages.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Eatery, Lunch, Cafe, Breakfast, Juice Bar, Restaurant, Dinner

Trendy, Outdoor Seating, Takeaway Available, Good for Brunch, Gluten-free Options, Casual, Juice Cleanses, Vegetarian-friendly, Vegan-friendly, Vegetarian Options, Local Produce

1205 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice, los angeles

The Butcher's Daughter is a plant-based restaurant, cafe, juice bar, and 'vegetable slaughterhouse.' They treat fruits and vegetables as a butcher would meat, chopping, filleting, and carving fresh produce into healthy vegetarian dishes and pressing them into pretty juices.

Dinner, Restaurant, Lunch, Bakery, Breakfast, Café

Pastries, Communal Tables, Artisanal Breads, French Cuisine, Sky-lit Spaces, Historic Building

624 South La Brea Avenue, Central LA, los angeles

République Café Bakery & République Restaurant is a bustling eatery situated in the heart of Los Angeles. Housed in a historic building with a charismatic blend of modern and classic French architecture, the venue offers an unforgettable culinary experience. Patrons are treated to a delightful array of artisanal bread, delectable pastries, and a sumptuous menu that blends French cuisine with Californian flair.

Point  ($) 4.5
Eatery, Breakfast, Lunch, Bakery, Cafe

Vegetarian options, Catering service, Takeout available, Family-friendly, Wheelchair accessible

3614 Magnolia Boulevard, Magnolia Park, burbank

Porto's Bakery and Cafe is a beloved family-owned eatery known for its delicious Cuban pastries, cakes, and savory delights. With a warm, bustling atmosphere, the bakery offers a taste of Cuban tradition in the heart of Burbank.

9. Gjusta
 ($$) 4.5
Bakery, Breakfast, Takeout, Deli, Café, Lunch

Organic Ingredients, In-house Cured Meats, Coffee and Specialty Drinks, Artisanal Breads, Outdoor Seating

320 East Sunset Avenue, Venice, los angeles

Gjusta in Venice, CA, is a bustling artisanal bakery and café known for its mouth-watering array of baked goods, savory eats, and well-crafted coffee. With an industrial chic vibe, this popular spot is always abuzz with locals and tourists seeking a taste of its famous pastries, sandwiches, and locally sourced fare.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Dessert Shop, Cafe, Breakfast, Bakery, Lunch

Takeout Available, Organic Ingredients, Gluten-Free Options, Seasonal Menu, Vegetarian Options, Vegan Options, Indoor Seating, Free Wi-Fi

714 Traction Avenue, Downtown Los Angeles, los angeles

The Pie Hole is a cozy, artisanal bakery nestled in the heart of Los Angeles that offers a tempting array of sweet and savory pies. With a mission to provide hand-crafted, high-quality pies made with the freshest ingredients, this charming spot has become a beloved destination for dessert lovers and pie aficionados alike.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Lunch, Marketplace, Breakfast, Bakery, Gourmet Food, Catering Service, Cafe, Deli

Outdoor seating, Take-out, Gourmet Food, Casual dining, Patio Seating, Family friendly, Dine-in, Takeout available, Bakery, Gourmet market, Catering, Artisanal Products

8350 West 3rd Street, Central LA, los angeles

Joan's on Third is a celebrated, family-owned Gourmet Marketplace, Café and Catering company that offers a delectable selection of culinary delights, from artisanal sandwiches to freshly baked pastries. With its cozy atmosphere and chic decor, it's the perfect spot for a casual brunch or a gourmet food shopping experience.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Bakery, Artisanal, Breakfast, Cafe

Takeout Available, Organic Selection, Handcrafted Baked Goods, Coffee, Wheelchair Accessible, Outdoor Seating, Free Wi-Fi, Local Ingredients

3156 Glendale Boulevard, Northeast Los Angeles, los angeles

Proof Bakery in Los Angeles is a haven for pastry aficionados, offering a tantalizing array of handcrafted, artisanal baked goods. From flaky croissants to hearty loaves of bread, every item is a testament to the bakery's commitment to quality and flavor.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Coffee Shop, Cafe, Bakery, Breakfast, Eatery

Free Wi-Fi, Organic Menu, Pet-Friendly, Outdoor Seating, Eco-Friendly

2327 Main Street, Ocean Park, santa monica

Nestled in the heart of Santa Monica's buzzing Main Street, Urth Caffe offers a quaint escape into a world of organic coffee and fresh pastries. With its inviting ambiance, this beloved cafe is a haven for coffee aficionados and foodies alike.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Roastery, Cafe, Breakfast, Coffee Shop

Outdoor Seating, Artisan Coffee, Pastries, Free Wi-Fi, Indoor Seating

8925 Melrose Avenue, Central LA, west hollywood

Verve Coffee Roasters on Melrose Ave offers a chic and contemporary space where coffee aficionados can indulge in a wide array of high-quality, sustainably-sourced coffee. Known for their unique seed-to-cup experience, Verve is a haven for those seeking a thoughtful and modern coffee experience in the heart of Los Angeles.

15. Urth Caffe
 ($$) 4.3
Bakery, Cafe, Coffee Shop, Eatery, Health Food Store, Breakfast, Café

Organic Menu, Wheelchair Accessible, Free Wi-Fi, Vegan Options, Patio Seating, Wi-Fi Available, Gluten-Free Options, Outdoor Seating, Organic Coffee

459 South Hewitt Street, Downtown Los Angeles, los angeles

Urth Caffe on Hewitt Street is a vibrant, health-conscious eatery in the heart of Los Angeles known for its organic coffees and fine teas. With its inviting ambiance, it's a perfect spot for both social gatherings and solo retreats.

16. Eggslut
 ($$) 4.5
Gourmet Eatery, Breakfast, Breakfast Spot, Fast Casual, Restaurant

Casual Seating, Vegetarian Options, Located in Grand Central Market, Takeout Available, Iconic Menu Items, Casual Atmosphere, Locally Sourced Ingredients, Innovative Menu

317 South Broadway, Downtown Los Angeles, los angeles

Eggslut is a chef-driven, gourmet food concept founded in 2011. It's known for its unique take on comfort food with an emphasis on quality, taste, and dedication to sourcing from local purveyors. The menu is a balance of comfort and innovation, celebrating food that appeals to both novice and extreme foodies through classic comfort fare with a twist.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Cafe, Bakery, Breakfast Spot, Breakfast

Breakfast and Brunch Menu, Outdoor Seating, Artisanal Coffee, Freshly Baked Goods

3119 Los Feliz Boulevard, Atwater Village, los angeles

Nestled in the eclectic surroundings of Los Angeles' Atwater Village, the Village Bakery and Cafe offers a cozy retreat for both locals and tourists alike. Known for its artisanal baked goods, hearty breakfasts, and aromatic coffee, this spot exudes a warm, inviting atmosphere that pairs perfectly with a fresh pastry or a satisfying brunch.

Point  ($$) 4.2
Eatery, Breakfast, Restaurant

Dine-in, Locally sourced ingredients, Takeout, Family-friendly

2408 Loma Avenue, south el monte

Golden Food is a popular eatery known for its authentic and delectable cuisine. With a warm and inviting atmosphere, it is a favorite among locals and visitors alike who are seeking to indulge in flavorful dishes.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Cultural Hub, Breakfast, Eatery, Coffee Shop, Cafe

Local Ingredients, Free Wi-Fi, Artisanal Coffee, Book Selection, Indoor Seating, Live Music

5772 West Pico Boulevard, Mid City, los angeles

Paper or Plastik Cafe is a cozy eatery located in the heart of Los Angeles, offering a perfect blend of artisanal coffee, gourmet cuisine, and a welcoming atmosphere for both work and relaxation. With its rustic interiors and a selection of handpicked books, this cafe invites patrons to enjoy a leisurely coffee experience.

20. HomeState
 ($) 4.5
Dining, Lunch, Breakfast, Restaurant, Tex-Mex Cuisine

Vegetarian Options, Family Friendly, Takeout, Dine-in

1992 Lincoln Avenue, North Central, pasadena

HomeState is a Texas kitchen in California, serving up delicious Tex-Mex specialties that capture the essence and flavors of the Lone Star State. With a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, it's the perfect spot for comfort food enthusiasts looking for a taste of Texas right in the heart of Pasadena.

Coffee Shop, Cafe, Breakfast

Free WiFi, Whole Bean Coffee, Outdoor Seating, Indoor Seating, Espresso Bar

1331 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice, los angeles

Intelligentsia Coffee Venice is a chic, bustling cafe known for its artisanal coffee and vibrant atmosphere. Nestled in the heart of Venice's trendy Abbot Kinney Blvd, the coffee bar features an industrial decor with a cozy ambiance, offering a place where coffee aficionados and novices alike gather to enjoy high-quality, freshly roasted brews.

22. The Waffle
 ($$) 4.2
Cafe, Brunch Spot, Restaurant, Breakfast, Diner

Vegan options, Vegetarian options, WiFi, Family-friendly, Indoor seating, Wheelchair accessible

6255 Sunset Boulevard, Central LA, los angeles

Nestled in the heart of Hollywood, The Waffle offers a cozy retreat for locals and tourists alike, serving up an array of comfort foods with a focus on gourmet waffles. With its retro ambiance and commitment to high-quality ingredients, this eatery has become a beloved spot for breakfast, brunch, and late-night bites.

Point  ($) 4.5
Coffee Shop, Breakfast, Café

Takeaway Available, Espresso Bar, Single-Origin Coffees, Coffee Subscription Service, Non-Dairy Options

317 South Broadway, Downtown Los Angeles, los angeles

Nestled within the bustling Grand Central Market in Los Angeles, G & B Coffee is a gem for coffee aficionados. This trendy spot serves up expertly crafted brews with a focus on quality and innovation. With a menu featuring a variety of single-origin coffees and unique espresso-based drinks, G & B Coffee has quickly become a go-to destination for a perfect caffeine fix.

Point  ($) 4.2
Coffee Shop, Cafe, Breakfast

Free Wi-Fi, Outdoor seating, Nearby public transport, Ocean view, Family-friendly

380 Santa Monica Pier, santa monica

A cozy spot for beach goers and coffee lovers alike, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at 200 Santa Monica Pier offers a relaxing ambiance to enjoy a variety of coffee blends, teas, and light snacks while taking in the ocean view.

Coffee Shop, Snack Bar, Tea House, Cafe, Breakfast

To-Go Orders, Outdoor Seating, Takeout Available, Wheelchair Accessible, Free Wi-Fi, Loyalty Program

8789 Sunset Boulevard, Sunset Strip, west hollywood

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Beverly Blvd is a cozy spot for coffee aficionados and tea lovers alike. With its casual ambiance, it's the perfect place to unwind, catch up on some work, or enjoy a chat with friends over a delicious cup.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Historic Site, Cafe, Diner, Breakfast, Restaurant

Cash Only, American Cuisine, 24/7 Operation, American Classic Cuisine, Sourdough Bread, Breakfast All Day, No Reservations

877 South Figueroa Street, Downtown Los Angeles, los angeles

The Original Pantry Cafe in Los Angeles is an iconic eatery that has been serving up classic American diner fare since 1924. Known for its no-frills ambiance, generous portions, and rich history, it's a staple for both locals and tourists seeking a taste of traditional LA.

27. Bea Bea's
 ($$) 4.5
Breakfast Spot, Restaurant, Breakfast, Brunch Restaurant

Casual Dining, Vegetarian Options, Diverse Menu, Family Friendly

353 North Pass Avenue, Central LA, burbank

Bea Bea's in Burbank, CA, is a bustling breakfast and brunch spot known for its massive menu featuring an array of pancakes, waffles, and inventive egg dishes. The lively atmosphere and hearty portions make it a local favorite.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Diner, Cafe, Breakfast, Breakfast Spot, American Restaurant

Dine-in, Takeout, Family Friendly, Historic Venue, Classic Diner Ambiance

1300 North Spring Street, Central LA, los angeles

Nick's Cafe is a cozy spot known for its classic American diner fare and vibrant atmosphere. Serving up hearty breakfasts and delicious lunches, it's a beloved gem among locals and visitors alike for its home-style cooking and friendly service.

Point  ($$) 4.3
Cafe, Bakery, Coffee Shop, Breakfast

Vegetarian Options, Outdoor Seating, Free Wi-Fi, Variety of Baked Goods, Indoor Seating

403 North Larchmont Boulevard, Central LA, los angeles

Bricks and Scones is a cozy and charming cafe nestled in the heart of Larchmont Village in Los Angeles. This delightful spot is a favorite among locals and visitors alike for its comfortable ambiance, delicious coffee, and an array of tasty scones, pastries, and light meals. Its relaxing atmosphere provides a perfect escape from the bustling city life, allowing guests to enjoy a quiet read or catch up on work with the free Wi-Fi.

Café, Eatery, Coffee Shop, Breakfast

Health-Conscious Menu, Pet-Friendly, Outdoor Seating, Wi-Fi

523 Rose Avenue, Venice, los angeles

Nestled in the vibrant neighborhood of Venice Beach, the Bluestone Lane Venice Beach Café offers a little slice of Australian café culture. Known for their beautifully crafted coffees, the café boasts a breezy, inviting atmosphere perfect for a laid-back morning or an afternoon pick-me-up. With an emphasis on fresh, wholesome food, guests can enjoy a variety of toasts, bowls, and pastries.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Breakfast Spot, Diner, Café, Breakfast

Vegetarian Options, Family Friendly, Locally Sourced Ingredients

4007 24th Street, Noe Valley, san francisco

Pancake Boy is a cozy and beloved breakfast spot in the heart of the Noe Valley neighborhood of San Francisco. Known for its warm atmosphere and delicious, fluffy pancakes, this eatery is a must-visit for anyone who enjoys starting their day with a sweet and satisfying meal. The pancakes here are made from scratch with a secret recipe that has been perfected over the years, ensuring every bite is a delightful experience.

Point  ($$) 4.2
Brunch Spot, Lunch, Restaurant, Casual Dining, Breakfast, American Cuisine

Outdoor Seating, Vegetarian Options, Private Events, Pet Friendly, Full Bar

1760 Hillhurst Avenue, Central LA, los angeles

Home Restaurant on Hillhurst Avenue is a quintessential Los Angeles dining experience known for its cozy atmosphere and comfort food with a modern twist. Nestled in the vibrant neighborhood of Los Feliz, it's the perfect spot to enjoy a leisurely brunch or a casual dinner with friends and family.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Breakfast, Cafe, Organic restaurant, Coffee shop

Outdoor seating, Artisan pastries, Free Wi-Fi, Eco-friendly, Organic menu items

8565 Melrose Avenue, Tri-West, west hollywood

Urth Caffe Melrose is a bustling, eco-friendly coffee shop serving up organic coffees and fresh, health-conscious cafe fare in a cozy and inviting atmosphere. It's a favorite spot among locals and visitors for its high-quality ingredients and charming outdoor seating.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Cafe, Breakfast, Restaurant, Breakfast Spot, Farm-to-table Restaurant

Takeout Available, Seasonally Rotating Menu, Locally Sourced Ingredients, House-Cured Meats, Vegetarian Options, Artisanal Coffee, Indoor Seating

7494 Santa Monica Boulevard, Central LA, west hollywood

Breakfast by Salt's Cure is a charming eatery in West Hollywood renowned for its farm-to-table approach, serving up a delectable all-day breakfast made with locally sourced ingredients. Famous for its griddle cakes and hearty platters, this cozy spot is a must-visit for foodies.

35. Alcove
 ($$) 4.5
Bar, Breakfast, Historic Site, Garden, Restaurant, Cafe

Late Night Dining, Vegetarian Options, Brunch Menu, Cocktail Bar, Outdoor Seating, Garden Patios, Historic Building

1929 Hillhurst Avenue, Central LA, los angeles

Nestled in the bustling neighborhood of Los Feliz, Alcove is a charming spot that offers a cozy ambiance for dining and socializing. Housed in two historic bungalows, surrounded by garden patios, Alcove serves up American and international classics with a twist, alongside a wide selection of drinks.

Point  ($$$) 4.5
Restaurant, Dinner, Casual Dining, Breakfast, Brunch Spot, Cocktail Bar

Wheelchair Accessible, Outdoor Seating, Free Wi-Fi, Happy Hour, Vegetarian Options

4222 Vineland Avenue, North Hollywood, los angeles

The Front Yard showcases LA's diverse flavors in a setting as casual and comfortable as an evening at an old friend's house. Come by for a leisurely breakfast, lunch, or dinner, served all day.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Breakfast, Coffee Shop, Café, Cafe

Sustainably Sourced Coffee, Espresso Drinks, Wheelchair Accessible, Indoor Seating, Free Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi, Retail Coffee Bags, Outdoor Seating, Fresh Pastries, Vegan Options, Pour-Over Coffee

582 Mateo Street, Downtown Los Angeles, los angeles

Nestled in the heart of Los Angeles' Arts District, Blue Bottle Coffee at 582 Mateo St offers a serene escape into the world of meticulously crafted coffee. This modern cafe, with its minimalist design and abundant natural light, invites coffee aficionados and novices alike to savor an array of exceptional, single-origin brews and espresso-based beverages.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Restaurant, Bakery, Eatery, Breakfast, Cafe

Locally-sourced produce, Catering Services, Artisanal breads, Takeout Available, Freshly Baked Goods, Farm-to-table, Pastry, Vegetarian options, Seasonal Menu, Savory dishes, Family-Friendly, Organic ingredients, Seasonal menu, Breakfast and lunch, Organic Ingredients

1014 Wilshire Boulevard, Downtown, santa monica

Huckleberry Bakery & Cafe is a cozy, bustling eatery in Santa Monica known for its farm-to-table approach and freshly baked artisanal breads and pastries. It's a favorite local spot for a quality breakfast or lunch that promises a warm atmosphere and delicious dishes made from organic and locally-sourced ingredients.

Espresso Bar, Breakfast, Cafe, Coffee Shop

Coffee Tastings, Direct Trade Beans, Artisan Coffee, Outdoor Seating, Latte Art

3922 Sunset Boulevard, Silver Lake, los angeles

Intelligentsia Coffee Silver Lake Coffeebar is a trendy spot in Los Angeles, known for its high-quality, direct trade coffee and modern ambiance. Baristas are skilled artisans, and the establishment is revered for its innovative brewing methods and intricate latte art. It's not just a place to get a caffeine fix but a destination for those who appreciate the craft of coffee making.

40. Sqirl
 ($$) 4.5
Eatery, Breakfast, Breakfast Spot, Cafe

Locally Sourced Ingredients, Takeaway Available, Vegetarian Options, Casual Dining, Seasonal Menu

720 Virgil Avenue, East Hollywood, los angeles

Sqirl is a bustling, trendy eatery known for its seasonally-driven, locally-sourced cuisine, where the flavors of Southern California shine through in every dish. The restaurant is famous for its inventive jams, iconic Ricotta Toast, and a vibrant selection of grain bowls, salads, and sandwiches.

Point  ($$$) 4.5
Health Food Restaurant, Breakfast, Eatery, Café

Locally Sourced Ingredients, Outdoor Seating, Organic Options, Gluten-Free Options, Vegan-Friendly

509 Pier Avenue, hermosa beach

Source Café at 1111 Manhattan Ave is a vibrant and cozy eatery located in the heart of Hermosa Beach, California. Known for its health-conscious menu, it offers a variety of nourishing dishes, smoothies, and baked goods, all made with locally sourced and organic ingredients when possible.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Coffee Shop, Espresso Bar, Bakery, Café, Breakfast, Eatery, Cafe

Sustainable Practices, Dairy-Free Options, Artisanal Offerings, Outdoor Seating, Baked Goods, Gluten-Free Options, Artisan Coffee, Wi-Fi, Indoor Seating

5000 York Boulevard, Highland Park, los angeles

Cafe de Leche is a vibrant and cozy coffee spot located in the trendy neighborhood of Highland Park in Los Angeles. Known for its artisanal coffee and eclectic menu of pastries and sandwiches, it's a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

Point  ($) 4.5
Burger Joint, Roadside Stand, Eatery, Breakfast

Quick Service, Outdoor Seating, Walk-up Window, Classic Burgers, Chili Cheese Fries

121 West California Avenue, Downtown, glendale

The Great White Hut is a classic American eatery known for its mouthwatering burgers and nostalgic roadside stand atmosphere. This iconic spot has been a local favorite for years, offering a simple menu packed with big flavors.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Breakfast, Cafe, Restaurant, Eatery

Vegan Options, Healthy Choices, Organic Food, Eco-Friendly, Dine-in, Takeout

4222 West Pico Boulevard, Mid City, los angeles

The Grain Cafe is a cozy and inviting eatery located in the heart of Los Angeles, known for its delightful selection of organic and plant-based dishes. With a warm ambiance and a dedication to healthy, sustainable dining, it's a favorite among locals and visitors looking for a nutritious meal in a relaxed setting.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Breakfast, Restaurant, Vegan and Vegetarian, Lunch, Cafe, Brunch Spot

Kid Friendly, Locally Sourced Ingredients, Health-Conscious Menu, Gluten-Free Options, Casual Ambiance, Outdoor Seating

5904 North Figueroa Street, Highland Park, los angeles

Kitchen Mouse Cafe is a cozy eatery in the heart of Highland Park, offering a variety of health-conscious vegetarian and vegan dishes that cater to foodies of all preferences. With its warm, inviting atmosphere and a delightful menu that ranges from hearty pancakes to innovative salads and sandwiches, it's a perfect spot for brunch lovers.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Café, Breakfast, Breakfast Spot, Health Food Restaurant

Takeout Available, Wi-Fi, Vegetarian Options, Gluten-Free Options, Vegan Options, Outdoor Seating

8303 Beverly Boulevard, Central LA, los angeles

Backyard Bowls is a delightful spot for health enthusiasts and anyone looking for a refreshing, nutritious meal. With a focus on fresh, high-quality ingredients, this café offers a variety of smoothie bowls, grain bowls, and porridge, making it a perfect place for breakfast or a light lunch. The vibrant colors and the cozy, inviting atmosphere are bound to make your visit a memorable culinary experience.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Restaurant, Vegan, Cafe, Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch, Organic

Inviting ambiance, Sustainable practices, Health-conscious menu, Organic ingredients, Gluten-free options, Delivery available, Outdoor seating, Locally sourced, Catering service, Vegan options, Takeaway available, Sustainable dining, Vegan-friendly, Eco-friendly

639 North Larchmont Boulevard, Central LA, los angeles

Cafe Gratitude is a plant-based restaurant chain specializing in gourmet cuisines that embody a philosophy of gratitude and integrity. The Los Angeles branch on Larchmont Boulevard offers a cozy and modern atmosphere where guests can enjoy healthy and delicious meals made from organic and locally-sourced ingredients.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Bar, Lunch, Cafe, Market, Breakfast

Artisanal coffee, Wine and beer, Market with gourmet goods, Outdoor seating, Pet-friendly patio, Vegetarian options

580 Mateo Street, Downtown Los Angeles, los angeles

Zinc Cafe & Market and Bar, nestled in the heart of the Arts District in Los Angeles, is a stylish and laid-back venue known for its vegetarian cuisine and artisanal coffee. With a modern industrial décor and a welcoming atmosphere, it's the perfect spot for a casual brunch or a relaxing evening drink.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Boutique, Breakfast, Cafe, Tea House, Coffee Shop

Tea Selection, Free Wi-Fi, Artisanal Coffee, Gourmet Pastries, Outdoor Seating

1636 Silver Lake Boulevard, Silver Lake, los angeles

LAMILL Coffee in Silverlake offers a boutique coffee shop experience right in the heart of Los Angeles. It's a place where coffee aficionados and novices alike come together to taste some of the finest artisanal coffees and teas from around the world, carefully prepared and served with a touch of luxury.

50. Moon Juice
 ($) 4.5
Breakfast, Lunch, Juice Bar, Health Food Store, Wellness Center

Health-focused, Vegan Options, Plant-Based Supplements, Boutique retail products, Gluten-Free Options, Nutritional supplements, Wellness Consultations, Organic ingredients, Vegan options, Organic Products

507 Rose Avenue, Venice, los angeles

Moon Juice on Rose Avenue in Venice is a trendy destination for health-conscious individuals seeking nutrient-rich juices, wellness supplements, and rejuvenating snacks. Known for its vibrant atmosphere, Moon Juice offers a unique take on holistic living with a focus on high-quality, organic ingredients designed to elevate your well-being.

Point  ($$) 4.3
Bakery, Lunch, Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch Venue, Cafe, Coffee Shop, Brunch Spot, Café, Breakfast Spot

Cozy Atmosphere, Wi-Fi, Vegan Options, Vegetarian Options, Pet-Friendly, Free Wi-Fi, Fresh Pastries, Wheelchair Accessible, Outdoor Seating

2118 Hillhurst Avenue, Central LA, los angeles

Cafe Los Feliz is a charming and cozy neighborhood spot where coffee lovers and foodies delight in a fusion of aromatic brews and delectable eats. It's a perfect escape for those looking to enjoy a quiet moment or a casual meet-up with friends.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Espresso Bar, Coffee Shop, Breakfast, Cafe

Instagrammable Location, Wi-Fi, Outdoor Seating, Trendy Ambiance, Indoor Seating

8428 Melrose Place, Melrose, los angeles

Alfred Coffee at 8428 Melrose Place is a trendy coffee shop known for its stylish decor and the signature catchphrase 'But first, coffee.' Nestled in the fashionable district of Los Angeles, this location offers a perfect spot for people-watching, Instagram-worthy latte art, and sipping on quality brews sourced from the finest beans.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Organic, Healthy, Eatery, Lunch, Café, Breakfast, Brunch, Cafe, Breakfast, Restaurant

Vegan Options, Wi-Fi, Organic Ingredients, Vegan-Friendly, Gluten-Free Options, Organic Options, Outdoor Seating, Locally-Sourced Ingredients

519 North Avenue 64, Highland Park, los angeles

Amara Kitchen offers a cozy retreat for health-conscious foodies in the heart of Los Angeles. Nestled in the bustling neighborhood, this charming eatery is renowned for its commitment to wholesome, organic ingredients and a menu that caters to a variety of dietary preferences, including vegan and gluten-free options.

Health, Breakfast, Dispensary, Retail

Daily specials, Friendly staff, Wide selection

143 North Western Avenue, Central LA, los angeles

Daily Dose Cannabis Dispensary is a premier destination for cannabis enthusiasts and newcomers alike, offering a vast selection of high-quality cannabis products in a modern, welcoming environment.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Bakery, Eatery, Cafe, Breakfast

Takeout Available, Outdoor Seating, Pet-Friendly, Vegetarian Options, Wi-Fi

143 South La Brea Avenue, Fairfax, los angeles

Nestled in the heart of Los Angeles, The Sycamore Kitchen offers a cozy retreat for those seeking a casual yet chic dining experience. This urban eatery is known for its artisanal pastries, innovative sandwiches, and robust coffee, all made with high-quality, seasonal ingredients.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Cafe, Bakery, Breakfast, Marketplace

Takeout Available, Outdoor Seating, Vegetarian-Friendly Options

13824 Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, los angeles

Sweet Butter is a charming, rustic cafe and marketplace located in the heart of Sherman Oaks. Serving up a variety of fresh, homemade dishes, this cozy spot is perfect for a casual brunch or a quick afternoon snack. From artisanal sandwiches to decadent pastries, there's something to satisfy any craving.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Coffee Shop, Breakfast, Tea House, Eatery, Bakery, Cafe

Homemade Desserts, Free Wi-Fi, Artisan Coffee, Vegetarian Options, Outdoor Seating

4360 Tujunga Avenue, Studio City, los angeles

Aroma Coffee & Tea Co is a charming and bustling cafe nestled in the heart of Studio City. Known for its cozy ambiance and eclectic decor, this neighborhood gem offers a warm retreat for coffee aficionados, tea lovers, and foodies alike. Whether you're looking to savor a handcrafted latte or indulge in a slice of their famous homemade cake, Aroma Coffee & Tea Co promises a delightful experience.

Cafe, Restaurant, Breakfast, Brunch Spot, Dessert Shop

Vegetarian Options, Free Wi-Fi, Outdoor Seating, Dine-in Available, Takeout Available

14910 Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, los angeles

Marmalade Cafe in Sherman Oaks offers a cozy, neighborhood-dining experience with a California-inspired menu that caters to a variety of tastes. Known for a casual and welcoming atmosphere, it's a great spot for any meal of the day, whether you're grabbing a quick lunch or sitting down for a hearty dinner.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Oceanview, Cafe, Farm-to-table, Farm-to-Table, Lunch, Breakfast, Restaurant

Locally Sourced Ingredients, Local ingredients, Ocean view, Outdoor Seating, Organic Options, Organic options, Vegetarian-Friendly, Ocean Views, Historic location, Outdoor seating

23000 Pacific Coast Highway, malibu

Nestled at the start of the iconic Malibu Pier, Malibu Farm Pier Cafe is a delightful farm-to-table experience that offers fresh, organic, and locally-sourced fare in a stunning over-the-ocean setting. With unbeatable views of the Pacific and the soothing sounds of the waves beneath, this quaint eatery is a must-visit for wholesome food and the quintessential Malibu vibe.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Breakfast, Eatery, Dinner, Sandwich Shop, Restaurant, Salad Bar

Kid-Friendly, Catering Services, Vegetarian Options, Delivery Options, Outdoor Seating, Seasonal Menu, Locally Sourced Ingredients, Takeout Available, Family-Friendly, Vegan Options, Local Produce, Indoor Seating

175 South Fairfax Avenue, Central LA, los angeles

Mendocino Farms is a cheerful and contemporary eatery offering a farm-to-table dining experience. Known for its gourmet sandwiches and vibrant salads, the restaurant emphasizes fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and a menu that caters to a variety of dietary preferences.