1. Bestia
 ($$$) 4.5
Restaurant, Lunch, Italian Cuisine, Dining, Dinner, Eatery, Fine Dining

Private Dining, Cocktail Bar, Wood-fired Oven, House-made Charcuterie, Vegetarian Options, Open Kitchen, Reservations, Wine Selection, Wood-Fired Oven

2121 East 7th Place, Downtown Los Angeles, los angeles

Nestled in the Arts District of Los Angeles, Bestia is a bustling Italian restaurant known for its chic industrial space, open kitchen, and a delightful fusion of traditional Italian cuisine with a modern twist. The atmosphere buzzes with energy as diners indulge in a symphony of wood-fired pizzas, homemade pastas, and an array of rustic dishes.

Argentine, Dinner, Restaurant, Steakhouse

Family-owned, Valet Parking, Live Music on Certain Days, Authentic Argentine Cuisine, Wine Selection, Intimate Seating

7963 Melrose Avenue, Melrose, los angeles

Carlitos Gardel Argentine Steakhouse offers a genuine Argentine dining experience right in the heart of Los Angeles. Known for its succulent steaks and vibrant atmosphere, this family-owned restaurant brings the sizzle and flavors of Argentina to your plate with traditional recipes and a warm, welcoming ambiance.

Point  ($$$) 4.5
Historic Site, Nightclub, Lounge, Bar, Dinner

Dress Code, Dance Floor, Live Entertainment, Craft Cocktails, Historic Decor, VIP Areas

108 West 2nd Street, Downtown Los Angeles, los angeles

The Edison, a jewel nestled in the heart of Los Angeles, is a seamless blend of historic industrial architecture and contemporary design. This former power plant now serves as an electrifying hotspot that offers a unique nightlife experience with its sultry ambiance, craft cocktails, and live entertainment.

4. Tiki-Ti
 ($$) 4.5
Nightlife spot, Historical landmark, Dinner, Bar

Tropical drinks, Historic venue, Tiki decor, Family-owned, Intimate space

4427 Sunset Boulevard, Central LA, los angeles

Tiki-Ti is a tiny, cash-only bar located in Los Angeles, famous for its strong, tropical-themed drinks and its unique, vibrant atmosphere. Established in 1961, this family-owned establishment is one of the few places where you can still experience a slice of old Hollywood tiki culture.

Point  ($$$) 4.5
Dinner, Dining, Restaurant, Steakhouse

Private dining rooms, Fine dining, Full bar, Wine selection, Wheelchair accessible, Valet parking

237 South Brand Boulevard, Downtown, glendale

Bourbon Steak Los Angeles is a luxurious steakhouse where culinary sophistication meets modern design. This Michael Mina establishment offers a unique dining experience with a focus on prime cuts of beef, fresh seafood, and an extensive wine list to complement every dish.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Takeout, Casual Dining, Dine-in, Dinner, Italian Cuisine, Restaurant, Lunch, Pizzeria, Italian Restaurant, Delivery

Desserts, Wine selection, Wine Selection, Mozzarella Bar, Takeout Available, Reservations, Private Dining, Wood-fired Oven, Artisanal pizzas

641 Highland Avenue, Melrose, los angeles

Pizzeria Mozza stands as a bustling hub of pizza innovation where the wood-fired oven imparts a smoky crust to the masterpieces crafted by renowned chefs. The vibrant atmosphere and the aroma of fresh ingredients make it a must-visit for pizza aficionados.

7. Idle Hour
 ($$) 4.5
Bar, Architectural Landmark, Nightlife Spot, Historical Landmark, Dinner

Historic Ambiance, Full Bar, Live Entertainment, Photo Spot, Outdoor Seating

4824 Vineland Avenue, North Hollywood, los angeles

Idle Hour is an iconic barrel-shaped bar located in the heart of Los Angeles, offering patrons a unique drinking experience with its distinctive architecture and cozy interior. Recently restored, this whimsical structure harkens back to the novelty architecture movement of the early 20th century.

8. Cassia
 ($$$) 4.7
Restaurant, Asian Cuisine, Dinner, Dinner Spot, Vietnamese Cuisine, Brasserie

Seafood Specialties, Vegetarian Options, Cocktail Bar, Gluten-Free Options, Sophisticated Ambience, Diverse Menu, Private Events, Gourmet Dining

1314 7th Street, Downtown, santa monica

Cassia, nestled in the heart of Santa Monica, is a celebrated Southeast Asian brasserie that showcases the rich culinary traditions of the region. With an atmosphere that blends the warmth of a French bistro with the vibrant energy of a Vietnamese market, Cassia presents a dining experience that is both familiar and exotic.

Point  ($$$) 4.5
Gourmet Market, Cafe, Breakfast, Restaurant, Patisserie, Dinner

Café, Wheelchair accessible, Bakery, Dine-in, Takeout, Vegetarian options, Dessert counter, Vegan options, Accepts credit cards

700 South Grand Avenue, Downtown Los Angeles, los angeles

Bottega Louie is a vibrant Italian restaurant, gourmet market, patisserie, and café located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Known for its bustling atmosphere and delightful cuisine, this establishment is a feast for the senses with its bright, open-concept space and eye-catching patisserie creations.

Point  ($$) 4.2
Bar, Dining, Restaurant, Dinner, Entertainment

Full Bar, Live Music, Vegetarian Options, Private Events

7408 Sunset Boulevard, Central LA, los angeles

El Compadre is an iconic Mexican restaurant in the heart of Hollywood, known for its fiery atmosphere, live mariachi music, and the famous 'Flaming Margarita'. With its vibrant decor and authentic Mexican cuisine, it's a popular spot for both locals and visitors looking for a festive dining experience.

11. Perch
 ($$$) 4.5
Dinner, Event Venue, Bar, Live Music Venue, Rooftop Bistro, Lunch, Restaurant, Rooftop

Rooftop seating, French cuisine, Brunch service, Panoramic Views, Live music, Cocktail bar, Live Music, Happy hour specials, Event hosting, French Cuisine, Cocktail Bar, Historic Building, Indoor and Outdoor Seating

448 South Hill Street, Downtown Los Angeles, los angeles

Perch is an elevated resting place, a rooftop haven that offers a whimsical French-inspired all-season rooftop bistro experience. With its intimate indoor and outdoor seating that showcases breathtaking views of the Downtown Los Angeles skyline, Perch is a destination that enchants locals and visitors alike with its playful yet sophisticated atmosphere.

12. Majordomo
 ($$$$) 4.5
Cuisine, Restaurant, Dining, Dinner

Seasonal Ingredients, Private Dining Options, Innovative Menu, Cocktail Bar, Industrial-Chic Ambiance

1725 Naud Street, Central LA, los angeles

Majordomo is a vibrant and contemporary restaurant situated in the evolving industrial neighborhood of Chinatown in Los Angeles. The eatery presents an eclectic menu influenced by a mix of American and Asian cuisines, featuring both adventurous dishes and comfort food. Its stylish ambiance combines a modern aesthetic with an approachable vibe, making it a favorite for food enthusiasts and trendsetters alike.

13. Dan Tana's
 ($$$) 4.5
Dining, Restaurant, Italian Cuisine, Historical Site, Dinner

Valet Parking, Classic Italian Dishes, Celebrity Sightings, Private Booths, Full Bar

9071 Santa Monica Boulevard, Central LA, west hollywood

Dan Tana's is an iconic Italian restaurant in West Hollywood, known for its classic red sauce dishes and celebrity sightings. With its old-school ambiance, checkered tablecloths, and cozy booths, this legendary eatery offers a quintessential Hollywood dining experience.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Eatery, Lunch, Cafe, Breakfast, Juice Bar, Restaurant, Dinner

Trendy, Outdoor Seating, Takeaway Available, Good for Brunch, Gluten-free Options, Casual, Juice Cleanses, Vegetarian-friendly, Vegan-friendly, Vegetarian Options, Local Produce

1205 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice, los angeles

The Butcher's Daughter is a plant-based restaurant, cafe, juice bar, and 'vegetable slaughterhouse.' They treat fruits and vegetables as a butcher would meat, chopping, filleting, and carving fresh produce into healthy vegetarian dishes and pressing them into pretty juices.

Dinner, Restaurant, Lunch, Bakery, Breakfast, Café

Pastries, Communal Tables, Artisanal Breads, French Cuisine, Sky-lit Spaces, Historic Building

624 South La Brea Avenue, Central LA, los angeles

République Café Bakery & République Restaurant is a bustling eatery situated in the heart of Los Angeles. Housed in a historic building with a charismatic blend of modern and classic French architecture, the venue offers an unforgettable culinary experience. Patrons are treated to a delightful array of artisanal bread, delectable pastries, and a sumptuous menu that blends French cuisine with Californian flair.

Point  ($$$$) 4.5
Japanese Cuisine, Restaurant, Fine Dining, Seafood Restaurant, Sushi Bar, Lunch, Dinner

Ocean View, Sushi Bar, Full Bar, Private Dining, Celebrity Spotting, Outdoor Seating, Valet Parking

22706 Pacific Coast Highway, Eastern Malibu, malibu

Nestled on the coast of Malibu, Nobu Malibu offers an exquisite dining experience that blends luxurious ambiance with delectable Japanese-inspired cuisine. With a stunning ocean view, this hotspot draws both locals and celebrities alike, making it an essential culinary landmark in Southern California.

17. Guisados
 ($) 4.5
Dine-in, Mexican Cuisine, Takeout, Dinner, Restaurant

Handmade Tortillas, Local Favorite, Vegetarian Options, Vegan Options, Family-Owned, Spicy Options

312 North San Fernando Boulevard, burbank

Guisados is a celebrated eatery known for its traditional Mexican homestyle braises on handmade corn tortillas. Each taco is a gourmet experience, filled with flavors that are both complex and comforting.

Point  ($$$) 4.5
Dining, Restaurant, Lunch, Fine Dining, Dinner, Seafood Restaurant, Historical Landmark

Wine Selection, Ocean View, Bar, Historic Venue, Outdoor Seating, Wheelchair Accessible, Private Dining, Fresh Seafood

1602 Ocean Avenue, santa monica

The Lobster stands as an iconic fixture at the start of the famous Santa Monica Pier, offering breathtaking ocean views and fresh, succulent seafood. This spot is a favorite amongst locals and tourists alike for its amazing sunsets and its contemporary American seafood-focused menu.

Mexican Cuisine, Dining, Dinner, Restaurant

Indoor Seating, Family Friendly, Authentic Menu, Alcohol Served, Vegetarian Options

7476 North Fresno Street, fresno

Sal's Mexican Restaurant in Fresno offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for savoring the rich flavors of authentic Mexican cuisine. Known for its delicious dishes and friendly service, this family-owned restaurant has been a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Cuisine, Winery, Dinner, Restaurant, Dining, New American Cuisine

Wood-fired Grill, Private dining, Wine selection, Outdoor seating, Wood-fired oven, Seasonal Menu, Locally sourced ingredients, Wine Pairings, Local Ingredients, Private Dining

602 Santa Monica Boulevard, Downtown, santa monica

Tar & Roses offers a globally inspired culinary experience in the heart of Santa Monica. With an emphasis on wood-fired dishes, the restaurant presents a warm, rustic atmosphere that invites diners to indulge in a symphony of flavors.

Point  ($$$) 4.5
Restaurant, Dinner, Fine Dining, Ocean View

Private Dining, Ocean View, Wine Selection, Cocktail Bar, Reservations

117 Manhattan Beach Boulevard, manhattan beach

The Strand House is a culinary gem nestled in the heart of Manhattan Beach, offering a sophisticated dining experience with breathtaking ocean views. This upscale eatery prides itself on serving innovative dishes crafted from locally sourced ingredients, paired with a world-class selection of wines and artisanal cocktails.

Gourmet Dining, Spa, Hotel, Dinner, Luxury Accommodation, Event Venue

Event Planning, Rooftop Pool, Valet Parking, Meeting Spaces, Spa Services, Pet-Friendly, Fine Dining, Business Services, Concierge Service, Fitness Center

465 La Cienega Boulevard, Central LA, los angeles

SLS Hotel, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Beverly Hills, offers a luxurious and sophisticated experience, blending avant-garde design with a flair for the dramatic. It caters to both leisure and business travelers seeking upscale accommodation with a twist of modernity.

Burgers, Dinner, Drive-Thru, Lunch, Takeout, American, Fast Food

Limited Menu, Secret Menu, Takeout, Drive-Thru, Fresh Ingredients

9149 South Sepulveda Boulevard, Westchester, los angeles

In-N-Out Burger at 9149 S Sepulveda Blvd is a classic California-based fast-food spot known for its fresh, made-to-order burgers. With a limited but perfected menu, it offers a straightforward approach to American comfort food with an unwavering commitment to quality ingredients.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Dining, Restaurant, Dinner, Taiwanese Cuisine, Lunch

Locally Sourced Ingredients, Tea Selection, Seasonal Specials, Minimalist Decor, Vegan Options

1521 Griffith Park Boulevard, Silver Lake, los angeles

Pine and Crane in Silverlake is a beloved authentic Taiwanese eatery, renowned for its flavorful dishes that combine traditional recipes with fresh, local ingredients. It's a hotspot for foodies craving a mix of classic and contemporary Taiwanese fare, set in a modern minimalist interior.

American Cuisine, Soul Food, Dinner, Diner, Restaurant, Lunch

Takeout, Comfort Food, Dine-in, Family-Friendly

1514 North Gower Street, Central LA, los angeles

Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles is an iconic Los Angeles eatery renowned for its perfect combination of sweet and savory soul food. This Hollywood location offers a cozy ambiance and the chance to indulge in their legendary fried chicken paired with fluffy, buttery waffles, a match made in culinary heaven.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Italian Restaurant, Italian Cuisine, Restaurant, Bar, Brunch Spot, Lunch, Diner, Dinner, American Restaurant

Seasonal Menus, Weekend Brunch, Celebrity Hangout, Catering Services, Wood-fired Oven, Happy Hour, Private Dining, Cozy Ambiance, Vintage Decor, Bar Area, Historic Building, Artisan Cocktails, Delivery, Takeout, Reservation Option, Monday Night Supper, Outdoor Seating, Full Bar, Dine-in

2128 Hillhurst Avenue, Central LA, los angeles

Little Dom's combines the charm of a cozy, vintage diner with the culinary flair of high-end Italian cuisine. Nestled in the eclectic neighborhood of Los Feliz, this beloved eatery presents a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for a casual date night or a hearty brunch with friends.

Point  ($$$$) 4.8
Clubhouse, Entertainment Venue, Historic Building, Dinner, Private Club

Victorian Mansion, Historic Atmosphere, Fine Dining, Bar, Magic Shows

7001 Franklin Avenue, nr. The Magic Castle, Central LA, los angeles

The Magic Castle, an exclusive clubhouse nestled in the Hollywood area, serves as the world's most famous venue for magicians and magic enthusiasts. Its Victorian-style mansion adds a touch of enchantment, hosting jaw-dropping live magic shows and fine dining under one roof, with performances by some of the most accomplished magicians from around the globe.

28. Pizzana
 ($$) 4.5
Pizzeria, Dinner, Dining, Restaurant, Italian Cuisine, Lunch

Wood-fired Oven, Artisanal Pizzas, Reservations, Local Ingredients

11712 San Vicente Boulevard, West Los Angeles, los angeles

Pizzana is an artisanal pizzeria that blends the tradition of classic Italian pizza with fresh, local ingredients. Nestled in the heart of Los Angeles, each pizza is handcrafted and baked to perfection in a wood-fired oven, creating a perfect symphony of flavors and textures.

Point  ($$$) 4.7
Restaurant, Dine-in, Takeout, Italian Cuisine, Italian Restaurant, Dining, Dinner

Reservations, Indoor Seating, Authentic Dishes, Chef-Driven Menu, Authentic Italian Cuisine, Cozy Atmosphere, Vegetarian Options, Wine Selection, Intimate Atmosphere

7313 Beverly Boulevard, Fairfax, los angeles

Angelini Osteria is a cozy, bustling Italian eatery in Los Angeles known for its authentic cuisine and warm ambiance. The restaurant prides itself on serving traditional Italian dishes with a modern twist, prepared with the freshest locally sourced ingredients.

Point  ($$$) 4.7
Restaurant, Seafood, Dining, Dinner

Award-Winning Chef, Raw Bar, Seafood Selections, Intimate Ambiance, Ocean Proximity

1148 Manhattan Avenue, manhattan beach

Fishing With Dynamite is a cozy yet vibrant seafood restaurant located just steps from the ocean in Manhattan Beach. Known for its fresh oysters, killer raw bar and old-school classics, this spot has quickly become a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

Point  ($$$) 4.5
Lunch, Dining, Dinner, Vegan Cuisine, Mexican Cuisine, Restaurant

Organic Ingredients, Outdoor Seating, Handcrafted Cocktails, Vegan Options

8905 Melrose Avenue, Central LA, west hollywood

Gracias Madre in West Hollywood is a haven for exquisite plant-based Mexican cuisine. Offering a charming and stylish ambiance, this restaurant merges ethical eating with tantalizing flavors, drawing both vegans and non-vegans alike.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Dinner, Dining, Southeast Asian Cuisine, Restaurant

Cocktail Bar, Chic Decor, Vegetarian Options, Diverse Menu

523 West 7th Street, Downtown Los Angeles, los angeles

Little Sister DTLA offers a unique blend of Southeast Asian flavors with a French twist, featuring a menu that's both adventurous and comforting. The vibrant and hip ambiance complements the artfully presented dishes, inviting you to explore the culinary traditions of the region in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.

33. The Ivy
 ($$$$) 4.5
Celebrity Hangout, Lunch, Dining, Restaurant, Fine Dining, Dinner

Private Dining, Signature cocktails, Fine dining, Celebrity sightings, Garden Patio, Celebrity Sightings, Gourmet cuisine, Outdoor seating, Signature Cocktails, Floral decor, Gourmet Cuisine

113 North Robertson Boulevard, Central LA, los angeles

The Ivy is a beloved Los Angeles dining hotspot known for its charming garden patio, fresh Californian cuisine, and celebrity sightings. With its cozy and warm decor, the restaurant offers a picturesque setting that's perfect for a leisurely lunch or a romantic dinner.

34. Au Lac LA
 ($$) 4.5
Restaurant, Vegan, Dining, Dinner

Live entertainment, Outdoor seating, Gluten-free options, Organic ingredients, Vegan-friendly

710 West 1st Street, Downtown Los Angeles, los angeles

Au Lac LA is a premier vegan restaurant located in the heart of Los Angeles, offering a unique fusion of traditional Vietnamese cuisine with a modern, health-conscious twist. Renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and artfully presented dishes, this eatery is a haven for food lovers seeking a plant-based dining experience.

35. Mercado
 ($$) 4.3
Shopping, Market, Dinner, Local Culture, Food

Vibrant Atmosphere, International Cuisine, Local Produce, Artisan Goods

3413 Cahuenga Boulevard West, Studio City, los angeles

Mercado at 3413 Cahuenga Blvd W is a vibrant and colorful market located in the heart of Los Angeles. Known for its eclectic mix of local produce, artisan goods, and international flavors, this market offers an authentic shopping experience that reflects the diverse culinary landscape of the city.

Point  ($$$) 4.5
Italian Restaurant, Dining, Gourmet, Lunch, Dinner, Fine Dining, Restaurant, Italian Cuisine

Mozzarella Bar, Private Dining, Chef's Table, Wine Selection, Wine Pairings, Award-Winning Chefs, Reservation Service

6602 Melrose Avenue, Melrose, los angeles

Osteria Mozza stands as one of Los Angeles's temple of Italian cuisine, where every dish is crafted with the utmost respect for traditional recipes and regional influences. The lively atmosphere is imbued with a sense of gastronomic adventure.

Point  ($) 4.0
Live Music Venue, Burger Joint, Bar, Lunch, Dinner, Cafe

Outdoor Seating, Live Music, Beer, Sports TV, Burgers, Cash Only

15 Washington Boulevard, Venice, los angeles

Hinano Cafe is a legendary beachside bar known for its casual atmosphere, live music, and classic American pub fare. With its walls adorned with surfboards and memorabilia, this iconic spot has been a favorite amongst locals and visitors alike, looking for a laid-back place to unwind and enjoy a cold beer by the Venice Beach.

38. 71Above
 ($$$$) 4.5
Dinner, Event Space, American Cuisine, Restaurant, Bar, Viewpoint, Fine Dining

Wine Pairings, Seasonal Menu, Cocktail Bar, Signature Cocktails, Tasting Menu, Private Dining Options, Panoramic City Views, Panoramic Views, Wine List, High-End Cuisine

633 West 5th Street, Downtown Los Angeles, los angeles

71Above is a fine dining restaurant that boasts an unmatched panoramic view of Los Angeles from its position high above the city on the 71st floor of the U.S. Bank Tower. The restaurant offers a modern American cuisine with a focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients, complemented by a sophisticated atmosphere and a curated wine list.

Point  ($$$) 4.5
Restaurant, Dinner, Dining, Fine Dining, Vegan Cuisine

Plant-based Menu, Seasonal Dishes, Wine Pairings, Elegant Atmosphere, Celebrity Hotspot

8284 Melrose Avenue, Melrose, los angeles

Crossroads Kitchen offers a refined, upscale dining experience at the intersection of sophistication and comfort. Featuring plant-based cuisine that defies expectations, the restaurant is a haven for those who appreciate exquisite flavors and a touch of elegance without the use of animal products.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Casual Dining, Dinner, Street Food, Restaurant, Thai Cuisine, Dining

Dine-in, Cocktail Bar, Takeout, Vegetarian Options, Authentic Thai Street Food, Vegan Options, Vibrant Atmosphere, Wine Selection

3322 Sunset Boulevard, Silver Lake, los angeles

Night + Market Song is a hotspot for Thai street food lovers, serving up a blend of traditional and modern dishes with a punch of bold flavors. It's a lively venue where guests come for the food and stay for the spirited atmosphere.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Lunch, Dinner, Culinary Experience, Taiwanese Cuisine, Restaurant, Dining, Dim Sum Restaurant

Comfortable Seating, Traditional Taiwanese Dishes, Friendly Staff, Handcrafted Dumplings, Vegetarian Options, Reservation Option, Authentic Taiwanese Flavors, Open Kitchen

1164 Galleria Way, Downtown, glendale

Din Tai Fung is a globally renowned Taiwanese restaurant famous for its meticulously handcrafted dumplings and refined Taiwanese cuisine. The bustling kitchen's transparent design allows diners to witness the precision that goes into each dish.

Point  ($) 4.5
Dinner, Lunch, Historic Site, Culinary Spot, Restaurant

Takeout, Family-Friendly, Casual, Dine-in, Historic Atmosphere

1001 North Alameda Street, Central LA, los angeles

Philippe The Original, often simply called Philippe's, is a cherished eatery in Los Angeles known for its mouth-watering French dipped sandwiches. This bustling restaurant with its sawdust-covered floors offers a nostalgic ambiance reminiscent of a bygone era.

43. Honey Hi
 ($$) 4.5
Eatery, Restaurant, Cafe, Dinner

Gluten-free options, Vegetarian-friendly, Health-conscious menu, Bright and inviting atmosphere, Locally-sourced ingredients

1620 Sunset Boulevard, Echo Park, los angeles

Honey Hi is a cozy eatery that serves up nourishing, locally-sourced meals with a focus on vibrant flavors and holistic nutrition. The bright and friendly ambiance invites diners to enjoy a menu that's both indulgent and good for the body.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Dinner, Dining, Persian Cuisine, Restaurant, Middle Eastern Cuisine, Outdoor Seating

Family-friendly, Reservation Options, Vegetarian options, Wheelchair accessible, Outdoor patio, Alcohol Served, Valet parking, Vegetarian-Friendly, Outdoor Seating, Family-Friendly

211 East Broadway, Downtown, glendale

Raffi's Place offers a culinary experience with an ambience that marries the traditional and modern. Guests can indulge in authentically prepared Persian and Middle Eastern dishes, with a special emphasis on kebabs and grilled delights.

Point  ($$$) 4.5
Cooking School, Gourmet Shop, Marketplace, Dinner, Restaurant

Rooftop Bar, Cooking Classes, Tastings, Dining, Shopping

10250 Santa Monica Boulevard, Century City, los angeles

Eataly in Los Angeles is a bustling Italian marketplace featuring a variety of eateries, counters, and a cooking school. This vibrant culinary destination offers an array of gourmet Italian foods, fresh produce, and artisanal goods. Visitors can enjoy authentic wood-fired pizzas, delicate pastas, and a diverse selection of wines and craft beers.

Point  ($$$) 4.5
Fine Dining, Restaurant, Seasonal Menu, Eatery, Local Produce, Lunch, Italian Cuisine, Dinner, Dining

Intimate Atmosphere, Handmade Pastas, Seasonal Menu, Local Ingredients, Wine Pairings, House-made Pasta, Locally Sourced Ingredients

37 Union Street, Old Pasadena, pasadena

Nestled in the heart of Pasadena, Union Restaurant is a beacon of culinary excellence, offering a fusion of modern and traditional Italian cuisine. This cozy eatery prides itself on using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to craft dishes that sing with flavor and innovation.

Point  ($$$) 4.5
Cultural Landmark, Restaurant, Dinner, Lunch, Historic Site

Full Bar, Classic Cuisine, Private Dining, Classic Cocktails, Iconic Hollywood Memorabilia, Private Dining Rooms, Celebrity Hangout, Historic Decor

6667 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, los angeles

Step into Hollywood's golden age at Musso & Frank Grill, a culinary landmark serving classic American dishes since 1919. With its rich mahogany booths and timeless ambiance, this iconic eatery has been a favorite haunt for generations of stars and locals alike.

48. Bavel
 ($$$$) 4.5
Dinner, Middle Eastern Cuisine, Dining, Restaurant, Lunch

Reservations, Vegetarian Options, Bar, Open Kitchen, Modern Decor

500 Mateo Street, Downtown Los Angeles, los angeles

Bavel, located in the Arts District of Los Angeles, is a popular Middle Eastern restaurant known for its vibrant atmosphere and a delightful blend of traditional flavors with modern flair. The establishment's open kitchen, lush plant decor, and warm lighting create an inviting ambience that complements the culinary experience.

Lunch, Seafood Market, Ocean View Eatery, Cafe, Dinner, Casual Dining

Casual Atmosphere, Outdoor Seating, Ocean Views, Fresh Seafood, Takeout Available

25653 California 1, Central Malibu, malibu

Nestled along the scenic Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu Seafood Fresh Fish Market & Patio Cafe is a favorite local eatery offering a variety of freshly caught seafood and breathtaking ocean views. This casual seaside spot invites diners to savor the flavors of the ocean, with everything from fish tacos to clam chowder on the menu.

Dining, Restaurant, Dinner

Local Cuisine, Valet Parking, Wine Pairing, Fine Dining, Outdoor Seating, Ocean View

22878 Pacific Coast Highway, Eastern Malibu, malibu

Perched above the sands of Carbon Beach, the Carbon Beach Club Restaurant at Malibu Beach Inn offers an intimate dining experience with unparalleled views of the Pacific Ocean. Guests can enjoy fresh, coastal cuisine, with ingredients sourced from local farmers and purveyors, accentuating the connection between the table and the sea.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Lunch, Restaurant, Dining, Ramen Shop, Japanese Cuisine, Dinner

Dine-in, Takeout available, Authentic Japanese cuisine, Takeout Available, Vegetarian Options, Casual Atmosphere, No Reservations, Authentic Japanese Ramen, No-contact delivery, Cozy atmosphere

327 1st Street, Downtown Los Angeles, los angeles

Daikokuya Little Tokyo is a bustling, cozy ramen shop known for its rich tonkotsu broth and traditional Tokyo-style ramen. This culinary gem in the heart of Los Angeles' Little Tokyo district delivers hearty bowls of noodle soup that have earned it a loyal following.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Dinner, Marina, Entertainment, Dining, Shopping

Waterfront Views, Variety of Restaurants, Boat Rentals, Live Music Venues

31 Washington Boulevard, Venice, los angeles

Nestled in the heart of Marina Del Rey, 31 Washington Blvd is a vibrant spot known for its bustling waterfront dining and entertainment scene. Just steps away from the beautiful marina, visitors can enjoy picturesque views, indulge in a variety of cuisines, and partake in an array of waterfront activities.

Dinner, Brewery, Vegan, Casual Dining, Restaurant, Bistro

Outdoor Seating, Dog-Friendly Patio, Organic Menu, Live Music, Craft Beer

1700 Sunset Boulevard, Echo Park, los angeles

Sage Plant Based Bistro & Brewery in Echo Park is a haven for vegans and those seeking a plant-based culinary experience. This bistro offers a creative menu that features fresh, organic ingredients and caters to a variety of dietary preferences. With an inviting atmosphere, it's a perfect spot for health-conscious diners to indulge in delicious, sustainable dishes.

Point  ($$$) 4.5
Bar, Nightlife Spot, Dinner, Lounge

Classic Cocktails, Intimate Seating, Vinyl Record Player, Music-Themed Nights, Vintage Decor

1521 Vine Street, Central LA, los angeles

Nestled in the heart of Hollywood, Sunset & Vinyl is a hidden gem that offers an intimate atmosphere for music lovers and cocktail aficionados alike. With its vintage decor and record player spinning classic tunes, this bar transports you back to a bygone era of vinyl and velour.

55. Cascabel
 ($$) 4.5
Dinner, Restaurant, Dine-in, Takeout, Cocktail Bar, Mexican Cuisine

Wheelchair Accessible, Outdoor Seating, Locally Sourced Ingredients, Bar, Reservation Option

10717 Riverside Drive, Toluca Lake, los angeles

Cascabel in Toluca Lake offers a unique and vibrant dining experience, featuring an innovative blend of traditional Mexican flavors with a modern twist. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, perfect for a casual meal or a special occasion.

56. Gale's
 ($$) 4.5
Takeout, Dine-In, Italian Cuisine, Restaurant, Dinner

Locally sourced ingredients, Private events space, Wine selection, Outdoor seating, Homestyle Italian dishes, Family-friendly atmosphere

452 South Fair Oaks Avenue, pasadena

Gale's is a charming Italian restaurant located in the heart of Pasadena, offering a warm, inviting atmosphere perfect for a romantic dinner or a family gathering. Known for its homestyle Italian cuisine, the restaurant serves a variety of pastas, pizzas, and classic dishes that are sure to delight your taste buds.

57. Sushi Gen
 ($$$) 4.5
Restaurant, Sushi Bar, Japanese Cuisine, Dinner, Dine-in, Dining

Authentic Cuisine, Chef's Selection, Fresh seafood, Minimalist Ambiance, Sushi bar seating, Traditional decor, Authentic Japanese cuisine, Fresh Ingredients

422 East 2nd Street, Downtown Los Angeles, los angeles

Sushi Gen is an esteemed sushi restaurant nestled in the heart of Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. Known for its fresh, high-quality sashimi and sushi, this restaurant offers an authentic Japanese dining experience. Its minimalist decor and tranquil ambiance provide a serene backdrop to the artful dishes prepared by skilled sushi chefs.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Dining, Dinner, Italian Cuisine, Restaurant

Rustic Ambiance, Fresh Pasta, Organic Ingredients, Wine Selection, Farm-to-Table

5210 Melrose Avenue, Central LA, los angeles

Osteria La Buca is a cozy, farm-to-table Italian restaurant known for its fresh pasta and rustic ambiance. Nestled in the heart of Los Angeles, this charming eatery offers a taste of Italy with a Californian twist.

Point  ($$$) 4.5
Rooftop Bar, Dinner, Fine Dining, Restaurant

Ocean Views, Rooftop Terrace, Valet Parking, Cocktail Bar, Private Dining Rooms

1111 2nd Street, Wilshire Montana, santa monica

The Penthouse at 1111 2nd Street offers a luxurious dining experience with sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean and Santa Monica's coastline. This elegant rooftop restaurant boasts a chic atmosphere, complemented by modern American cuisine and hand-crafted cocktails.

Point  ($$$$) 4.8
Dine-In, Pasta Lab, Restaurant, Italian Trattoria, Dinner

Wood-Fired Oven, Wine Selection, Handmade Pasta, Open Kitchen, Traditional Techniques, Reservation System, Artisanal Ingredients

1023 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice, los angeles

Felix Trattoria is a culinary gem nestled in the heart of Venice, California, known for its exquisite handmade pasta and traditional Italian cuisine. The ambient setting and open kitchen create a warm and inviting atmosphere where the art of old-world craftsmanship blends seamlessly with modern culinary innovation.

Point  ($$$) 4.5
Dining, Restaurant, Dinner, Italian Cuisine, Bar

Handcrafted Cocktails, Chef-driven Menu, Private Dining, Rustic Decor, Wine Selection

2905 Washington Boulevard, Venice, los angeles

Scopa Italian Roots offers a contemporary take on classic Italian fare, showcasing the essence of traditional flavors with a modern twist. Nestled in the heart of Marina Del Rey, the restaurant's vibrant atmosphere is matched by its elegantly rustic decor.

Point  ($) 4.2
Dinner, Fast Food, Restaurant, Diner

Dine-in, Family-friendly, Takeout, Vegetarian Options

11223 National Boulevard, Palms, los angeles

Indulge in a classic American dining experience at Hamburger Habit, a beloved burger joint that has been serving up juicy burgers, crispy fries, and thick milkshakes since its establishment. With a nostalgic ambiance and a focus on fresh, high-quality ingredients, it's the perfect spot for a casual meal with friends and family.

Point  ($$$) 4.5
Dining, Steakhouse, Restaurant, Historic Site, Dinner

Full Bar, Valet Parking, Banquet Rooms, Historic Memorabilia, Live Music

4420 Lakeside Drive, burbank

Nestled in the heart of Burbank, Smoke House Restaurant is an iconic steakhouse that offers a nostalgic trip to old Hollywood glamour. Known for its famous garlic bread and prime cuts of beef, the ambiance of this legendary spot is as inviting as its hearty meals.

Dinner, Seafood, Restaurant, Bar

Full bar, Marina views, Private event hosting, Waterfront dining, Outdoor seating, Family friendly

141 West 22nd Street, San Pedro, los angeles

Nestled in the heart of San Pedro's waterfront, 22nd St. Landing Seafood Grill & Bar offers a selection of fresh seafood and panoramic marina views. With its casual yet elegant atmosphere, it's the perfect spot for a romantic dinner or a family gathering.

Point  ($$$) 4.5
American Cuisine, Seafood Restaurant, Bar, Dinner, Lunch, Restaurant, Asian Fusion, Ocean View, Lounge, Dining

Brunch menu, Valet Parking, Private Events, Ocean View, Outdoor seating, Oceanfront views, Valet parking, Live DJ on weekends, Private dining options, Outdoor Seating, Cocktail bar, Cocktail Lounge

20356 Pacific Coast Highway, Eastern Malibu, malibu

Moonshadows Malibu is a serene seaside escape offering breathtaking ocean views and a unique dining experience. The soothing sound of the waves and the chic, laid-back atmosphere make it a perfect spot for both romantic dinners and casual gatherings.

Point  ($$$$) 4.5
Steakhouse, Dinner, Fine Dining, Restaurant

Full bar, Wheelchair Accessible, Live Music, Valet Parking, Private Dining Rooms

246 North Canon Drive, beverly hills

The Penthouse at Mastro's in Beverly Hills provides an unparalleled dining experience with its luxurious ambiance and panoramic views of the city. Known for its exquisite steaks and seafood, this upscale restaurant offers a sophisticated setting for special occasions or an elegant night out.

Point  ($) 4.0
Dinner, Eatery, Mexican Cuisine, Restaurant

Casual Atmosphere, Salsa Bar, Takeout, Dine-in

1408 Olympic Boulevard, Pico, santa monica

Tacos Por Favor is a popular local eatery in Santa Monica that has been serving up some of the best Mexican cuisine in the area. Known for its authentic flavors and casual, friendly atmosphere, it's the perfect spot for a quick lunch or a laid-back dinner.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Casual Dining, Dinner, Restaurant, Eatery

Gluten-Free Options, Vegetarian Options, Outdoor Seating, Sustainable Sourcing

201 Arizona Avenue, Downtown, santa monica

Tender Greens is a chef-led kitchen serving seasonal and responsibly-sourced food to improve the way people eat every day. This casual eatery in Santa Monica offers a welcoming atmosphere for enjoying fresh salads, hearty entrees, and house-made desserts.

Point  ($) 4.5
Cultural Center, Dining, Dinner, Marketplace, Shopping

Live Events, Diverse Cuisine Options, Family Friendly, Workshops, Art Exhibits, Wheelchair Accessible

3655 South Grand Avenue, South Los Angeles, los angeles

Mercado La Paloma is a bustling marketplace located in the heart of Los Angeles, featuring an array of local vendors, artisans, and eateries. It's a vibrant community gathering place where visitors can find unique goods and savor cuisines from all around the world.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Restaurant, Eatery, Health Food, Dinner

Vegan options, Seasonal menu, Sustainable practices, Gluten-free options, Vegetarian-friendly

168 West Colorado Boulevard, South Arroyo, pasadena

True Food Kitchen in Pasadena is a health-driven eatery that serves up a variety of seasonal fare in a chic and welcoming atmosphere. With a dedication to sustainability and wholesome nutrition, the menu bursts with flavors that are both good for the body and the palate.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Cafe, Dinner, Cuban Restaurant

Authentic Cuisine, Live Music, Takeout, Delivery, Dine-in

3175 Glendale Boulevard, Northeast Los Angeles, los angeles

Baracoa Cuban Cafe offers a slice of vibrant Cuban culture right in the heart of Los Angeles. Known for its authentic Cuban sandwiches and aromatic coffee, it's a favorite among locals and visitors alike. The warm atmosphere, adorned with Cuban memorabilia, invites you to savor the rich flavors of their homeland.

Point  ($$) 4.2
Dinner, Pizzeria, Cafe, Restaurant

Gluten-free options, Indoor seating, Casual dining, Outdoor seating, Family-friendly, Vegetarian options

4346 Tujunga Avenue, Studio City, los angeles

Caioti Pizza Cafe is a cozy and casual dining spot known for its inventive pizza creations and relaxed, friendly atmosphere. It's an ideal place to unwind with family or friends while enjoying a variety of scrumptious pizza toppings or other Italian-inspired dishes.

Point  ($$$) 4.5
Restaurant, Dinner, Casual Dining, Breakfast, Brunch Spot, Cocktail Bar

Wheelchair Accessible, Outdoor Seating, Free Wi-Fi, Happy Hour, Vegetarian Options

4222 Vineland Avenue, North Hollywood, los angeles

The Front Yard showcases LA's diverse flavors in a setting as casual and comfortable as an evening at an old friend's house. Come by for a leisurely breakfast, lunch, or dinner, served all day.

74. Craig's
 ($$$$) 4.5
Celebrity Hangout, Dinner, Restaurant, American Cuisine, Vegan Options, Dining

Celebrity Sightings, Dessert Menu, Full Bar, Reservations Accepted, Wine Selection, Private Dining, Elegant Ambiance, Comfort Food, Vegan Menu

8826 Melrose Avenue, Central LA, west hollywood

Craig's is an upscale American restaurant frequented by celebrities and known for its classic comfort food, vegan options, and buzzing atmosphere. The dimly lit and elegantly decorated space creates a warm and inviting ambiance, perfect for an intimate dinner or a night out with friends.

Point  ($$$$) 4.5
Bar, Hotel, Restaurant, Historic Site, Accommodation, Dinner, Landmark

Luxury Accommodation, Historic Architecture, Gourmet Dining, Celebrity Clientele, Gardens, Lush Gardens, Bar/Lounge, Swimming Pool, Event Hosting, Celebrity Sightings, Fine Dining, Luxury Accommodations, Private Bungalows

8221 Sunset Boulevard, Sunset Strip, los angeles

Chateau Marmont stands as an iconic fixture on Los Angeles' Sunset Boulevard. Designed to mirror the Château d'Amboise in France's Loire Valley, this hotel has been an exclusive hideaway for the Hollywood elite since 1929. Its private bungalows and storied past offer a unique blend of vintage glamour and modern luxury.

Point  ($$) 4.2
Dinner, Family Style, Chinese Cuisine, Restaurant, Dining

Takeout Available, Iconic Dishes, Lunch Specials, Family Owned

819 North Broadway, Central LA, los angeles

Yang Chow Restaurant is a bustling hub of Chinese gastronomy, known for its iconic Slippery Shrimp. This family-owned eatery has been serving up savory Mandarin and Szechuan cuisine since 1977, tantalizing the taste buds of locals and visitors alike with its extensive menu of traditional and modern dishes.

Point  ($$) 4.2
American Cuisine, Restaurant, Dining, Dinner

Valet Parking, Cocktail Bar, Outdoor Seating, House-Smoked Meats, Locally Sourced Ingredients

4500 Los Feliz Boulevard, Central LA, los angeles

Messhall Kitchen offers a unique dining experience in the heart of Los Feliz, Los Angeles. With its modern twist on American classics, the restaurant is a haven for food enthusiasts looking for a casual yet refined atmosphere. The menu boasts a range of dishes that cater to diverse tastes, featuring locally sourced ingredients and house-smoked meats.

Sushi Bar, Dining, Dinner, Restaurant

Modern Ambiance, No Reservations, Chef's Selection, Walk-Ins Welcome, Counter Seating, Hand Rolls

421 Main Street, Downtown Los Angeles, los angeles

KazuNori: The Original Hand Roll Bar is a pioneering eatery that revolutionized the sushi scene with its unique focus on hand rolls. Known for its exceptional quality and freshness, KazuNori offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience where each hand roll is crafted at the bar and served directly to the customer.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Restaurant, Vegan, Cafe, Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch, Organic

Inviting ambiance, Sustainable practices, Health-conscious menu, Organic ingredients, Gluten-free options, Delivery available, Outdoor seating, Locally sourced, Catering service, Vegan options, Takeaway available, Sustainable dining, Vegan-friendly, Eco-friendly

639 North Larchmont Boulevard, Central LA, los angeles

Cafe Gratitude is a plant-based restaurant chain specializing in gourmet cuisines that embody a philosophy of gratitude and integrity. The Los Angeles branch on Larchmont Boulevard offers a cozy and modern atmosphere where guests can enjoy healthy and delicious meals made from organic and locally-sourced ingredients.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Dinner, Entertainment, Cultural District, Dining, Historical, Shopping

Boutiques, Restaurants, Art Galleries, Cafes, Cultural Sites, Markets

Sawtelle Boulevard, Sawtelle Japantown, los angeles

Sawtelle Boulevard, located in the heart of Los Angeles's Sawtelle Japantown, is a vibrant and bustling street known for its unique array of Japanese shops, restaurants, and cultural sites. The neighborhood, often referred to as Little Osaka, offers a rich tapestry of flavors, sights, and experiences.

Point  ($) 4.8
Dinner, Cafe, Eatery, Bakery, Breakfast

Catering, Vegetarian Options, Takeout, Delivery

315 North Brand Boulevard, Downtown, glendale

Porto's Bakery and Cafe is a family-owned eatery renowned for its delectable pastries, savory menu items, and Cuban-inspired cuisine. With a warm and inviting atmosphere, it's a perfect spot for breakfast, lunch, or a sweet treat any time of the day.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Dinner, Entertainment Venue, Bar, Arcade, Restaurant

Happy hour specials, Vintage arcade games, Asian-inspired menu, Vegan options, Pinball machines, Private event bookings, Craft beer selection

1391 Sunset Boulevard, Echo Park, los angeles

Button Mash is a vibrant arcade and bar fusion that offers a nostalgic trip with a modern twist. Enjoy a bustling ambiance filled with the sounds of classic arcade games, paired with a diverse selection of craft beers and eclectic, Asian-inspired food.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Restaurant, Dinner, Takeout, Dine-in, Pizzeria

Seasonal Ingredients, Roman-style Pizza, Casual Atmosphere, Wine Selection

5918 North Figueroa Street, Highland Park, los angeles

Triple Beam Pizza, located in the heart of Los Angeles, is a trendy spot known for its Roman-style slices. Pizzas here are sold by weight and feature a crispy, chewy crust topped with gourmet ingredients that rotate seasonally, ensuring a unique taste every visit.

84. All'Acqua
 ($$) 4.5
Dine-in, Restaurant, Dinner, Italian Cuisine, Wine Bar, Pizzeria

Outdoor Seating, Wood-fired Oven, Gluten-free Options, Italian Wine Selection, Cozy Ambiance, Handmade Pasta, Seasonal Menu

3280 Glendale Boulevard, Northeast Los Angeles, los angeles

All'Acqua is a charming Italian restaurant nestled in the vibrant neighborhood of Atwater Village, Los Angeles. Celebrated for its rustic ambiance and wood-fired pizzas, this cozy eatery offers a true taste of Italy with a Californian twist. The menu highlights a selection of antipasti, handmade pasta, and delectable desserts that invite guests to savor each bite in a welcoming and relaxed setting.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Dinner, Entertainment Venue, Cultural Site, Dining Experience, Restaurant

Live Music, Family Friendly, Vegetarian Options, Alcohol Served, Authentic Cuisine, Celebratory Events

3014 West Olympic Boulevard, Mid City, los angeles

Guelaguetza is a vibrant nucleus of Oaxacan life in Los Angeles and a celebrated venue for authentic regional Mexican cuisine. With a colorful ambiance and live music serenading diners, the restaurant offers a unique cultural experience, making every visit a festive foray into Oaxacan tradition.

86. Elf Cafe
 ($$) 4.5
Dining, Café, Vegetarian Restaurant, Dinner, Cafe, Vegan Restaurant, Restaurant

Vegan and vegetarian options, Intimate Seating, Organic wine selection, Organic Ingredients, Vegan-friendly, Wine Selection, Vegetarian Options, Intimate seating, Locally sourced ingredients

2135 Sunset Boulevard, los angeles

Elf Cafe is a charming and intimate eatery nestled in the heart of Los Angeles' eclectic Echo Park neighborhood. Known for its cozy atmosphere and commitment to organic, vegetarian cuisine, Elf Cafe offers an array of flavorful dishes that blend Mediterranean influences with modern culinary techniques.

Point  ($$) 4.3
Bakery, Lunch, Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch Venue, Cafe, Coffee Shop, Brunch Spot, Café, Breakfast Spot

Cozy Atmosphere, Wi-Fi, Vegan Options, Vegetarian Options, Pet-Friendly, Free Wi-Fi, Fresh Pastries, Wheelchair Accessible, Outdoor Seating

2118 Hillhurst Avenue, Central LA, los angeles

Cafe Los Feliz is a charming and cozy neighborhood spot where coffee lovers and foodies delight in a fusion of aromatic brews and delectable eats. It's a perfect escape for those looking to enjoy a quiet moment or a casual meet-up with friends.

88. Cafe Vida
 ($$) 4.2
Cafe, Brunch Spot, Health Food Restaurant, Dinner

Vegetarian-friendly, Vegan Options, Outdoor seating, Organic options, Takeout Available, Vegetarian-Friendly, Wi-Fi, Gluten-Free Options, Outdoor Seating

9755 Culver Boulevard, Downtown, culver city

Cafe Vida provides a distinct combination of health-conscious California cuisine with Latin flavors in a warm and welcoming environment. The cafe prides itself on using fresh ingredients and delivering a menu that caters to a variety of dietary preferences, offering a delectable experience for every patron.

89. Castaway
 ($$$) 4.5
Dinner, Fine Dining, Event Venue, Scenic View, Restaurant

Wedding Venue, Outdoor Seating, Gourmet Cuisine, Panoramic Views, Private Events

1250 East Harvard Road, burbank

Castaway Burbank is a unique restaurant offering a fine dining experience with a breathtaking view. Nestled in the Verdugo Mountains, this culinary oasis provides a perfect getaway for those seeking a retreat from the city life while enjoying expertly crafted cuisine.

Point  ($$$$) 4.7
Fine Dining, Restaurant, French Cuisine, Michelin Starred, Dinner

Valet Parking, Tasting Menu, Wine Pairings, Chef's Table, Private Dining

1104 Wilshire Boulevard, Downtown, santa monica

Mélisse Restaurant, located in the heart of Santa Monica, offers an upscale dining experience that combines modern French cuisine with a touch of California flair. The ambiance is sophisticated yet inviting, making it a perfect spot for a special night out.

Point  ($$$) 4.5
Sea View, Restaurant, Fine Dining, Dinner, Historic Site

Wine Selection, Ocean View, Gourmet Cuisine, Outdoor Seating, Private Events, Valet Parking, Romantic Setting

27400 Pacific Coast Highway, Central Malibu, malibu

Geoffrey's in Malibu offers a serene dining experience with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. The restaurant's elegant ambiance pairs perfectly with the exquisite Californian cuisine, creating an unforgettable culinary journey.

92. Il Cielo
 ($$$) 4.5
Restaurant, Italian Cuisine, Dinner, Dining

Private Dining, Valet Parking, Wine Selection, Romantic Setting, Outdoor Seating

9018 Burton Way, beverly hills

Il Cielo is a fine dining Italian restaurant located in the heart of Beverly Hills, known for its romantic ambiance and authentic Italian cuisine. Set in a charming building with an enchanting garden, the dining experience here is often described as dining under the stars, thanks to the twinkling lights and elegant decor.

93. The Attic
 ($$) 4.5
Casual Dining, Eatery, Historic Building, Southern Cuisine, Dinner, Restaurant

Vegetarian Options, Brunch Specials, Historic Building, Historic Atmosphere, Outdoor Seating, Craft Cocktails, Creative Cocktails, Weekend Brunch

3441 East Broadway, Belmont Heights, long beach

The Attic on Broadway is a unique Southern-inspired eatery nestled in Long Beach's quaint Belmont Heights neighborhood. This cozy restaurant is famous for its comfort food with a creative twist, offering a menu that includes their iconic Mac n' Cheetos—a decadent blend of creamy macaroni and cheese topped with crunchy Cheetos.

94. Gwen
 ($$$$) 4.8
Restaurant, Dinner, Butcher Shop, Fine Dining, Culinary Experience

Curated Wines, Seasonal Menu, Chef's Tasting Menu, Charcuterie Program, Private Dining, Artisanal Butchery, Custom Wood-Burning Fireplace

6600 Sunset Boulevard, Central LA, los angeles

Gwen, a unique dining experience nestled in the heart of Hollywood, merges old-world butcher craftsmanship with the culinary artistry of fine dining. Helmed by renowned chef Curtis Stone, Gwen offers an impeccable menu with a focus on seasonal ingredients and prime cuts of meat prepared with utmost care.

Point  ($$$) 4.5
Casual Dining, French Bistro, Restaurant, Dinner

No Reservations, Authentic French Cuisine, Signature Cocktails, Intimate Seating, Chef-Driven Menu

718 Highland Avenue, Central LA, los angeles

Petit Trois is a charming bistro that brings the quintessence of Parisian dining to the heart of Los Angeles. With its cozy ambiance and exceptional French cuisine, it serves as a culinary haven for those seeking an authentic Parisian experience.

96. Providence
 ($$$$) 4.8
Tasting Menu, Seafood, Dinner, Restaurant, Seafood Restaurant, Fine Dining

Chef's Tasting Menu, Michelin-starred, Wine Pairings, Wine Pairing, Chef's Table, Private Dining, Sustainable Seafood, Valet Parking

5955 Melrose Avenue, Central LA, los angeles

Located in the heart of Hollywood, Providence is a culinary gem renowned for its exquisite seafood and elegant dining experience. With Chef Michael Cimarusti at the helm, this fine dining establishment crafts gastronomic delights that are as sustainable as they are delicious, ensuring a memorable meal for every guest.

Point  ($$$) 4.5
Event Venue, Dining, Outdoor Seating, Restaurant, Fine Dining, Dinner

Vegetarian Options, Organic Menus, Wedding Services, Romantic Atmosphere, Gluten-Free Options, Outdoor Dining, Outdoor Seating, Organic Menu, Local Ingredients, Historic Site, Creekside Views, Romantic Setting

128 Old Topanga Canyon Road, topanga

Inn of the Seventh Ray is Topanga Canyon's hidden gem, offering a tranquil dining experience amidst the rustling of sycamore and oak trees. As you dine on organic, locally-sourced fare, the sounds of the nearby creek provide an enchanting backdrop for a memorable meal.

Point  ($$$) 4.5
Dining, Restaurant, Italian Cuisine, Dinner

Wine Selection, Private Events, House-made Pasta, Industrial Chic Decor

1300 Factory Place, Downtown Los Angeles, los angeles

The Factory Kitchen is an approachable Italian restaurant helmed by Executive Chef Angelo Auriana. It serves up traditional Italian fare with a contemporary twist, amidst a bustling, warm, and industrial chic atmosphere. The restaurant has gained acclaim for its house-made pastas, particularly the mandilli di seta and casonzei.

Point  ($) 4.2
Dinner, Restaurant, Dining, Mexican Cuisine

Family-Friendly, Alcohol Beverages, Takeout, Salsa Bar, Dine-in

11669 Sherman Way, North Hollywood, los angeles

Salsa & Beer #2 is a vibrant and lively Mexican restaurant known for its wide range of authentic dishes, bold flavors, and, as the name suggests, an impressive selection of beers. The restaurant offers a casual and friendly atmosphere, perfect for family gatherings, casual meetups, or just to enjoy a hearty meal at any time of the day.

100. Catch LA
 ($$$$) 4.5
Restaurant, Seafood Restaurant, Rooftop Bar, Dinner, Bar, Event Space

Photo-Friendly Decor, Rooftop Dining, Bar, Panoramic Views, Gluten-Free Options, Celebrity Spotting, Vegan Options, Outdoor Seating, Private Dining, Cocktail Bar, Valet Parking

8715 Melrose Avenue, Central LA, west hollywood

Nestled atop the bustling streets of West Hollywood, Catch LA is the quintessential dining destination offering a rooftop haven with expansive city views. The trendy ambiance, combined with an open-air dining experience, makes it a go-to spot for celebrities and food connoisseurs alike.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Cafe, Bakery, Dinner, Bistro, French Restaurant

Indoor Seating, Wheelchair Accessible, Outdoor Patio, Pet-Friendly, Wi-Fi Available

1712 Colorado Boulevard, Northeast Los Angeles, los angeles

Cafe Beaujolais offers a quaint and cozy dining experience, set against the bustling backdrop of Colorado Boulevard. Known for its French cuisine, the cafe provides a serene retreat with its charming European decor and the aroma of freshly baked pastries and robust coffee.

102. Spago
 ($$$$) 4.7
Dinner, Gourmet, Fine Dining, Restaurant, Culinary Destination

Chef’s Tasting Menu, Seasonal Menu, Outdoor Seating, Patio Seating, Wine Pairings, Celebrity Chef, Wine Selection, Elegant Decor, Private Dining Rooms

176 North Canon Drive, beverly hills

Spago is the flagship restaurant of celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, located in the heart of Beverly Hills. Renowned for its seasonal Californian cuisine, the restaurant offers a fusion of flavors with global influences, served in an elegant and modern setting.

Point  ($) 4.5
Takeout, Drive-Thru, Fast Food, Lunch, Burgers, American, Dinner, Casual Dining

Indoor Seating, Drive-Thru Service, Outdoor Seating, Merchandise Store, Fresh Ingredients, Secret Menu, No Preservatives, Family-Friendly

922 Gayley Avenue, Westwood, los angeles

In-N-Out Burger at 922 Gayley Ave offers a classic American burger experience, renowned for its fresh, made-to-order burgers, hand-cut fries, and creamy milkshakes. This iconic fast-food joint, with its signature red and white themed decor, invites customers to enjoy quality fast food in a clean and friendly environment.

104. Maru Coffee
 ($$) 4.5
Espresso Bar, Café, Coffee Shop, Dinner

Sustainable Sourcing, Indoor Seating, Pour-Overs, Roastery, Pastries, Free Wi-Fi

1019 South Santa Fe Avenue, Downtown Los Angeles, los angeles

Maru Coffee is a serene oasis for coffee enthusiasts, nestled in the bustling heart of Los Angeles. Known for its meticulous brewing methods and high-quality beans, this café offers a tranquil environment to sip and savor.

Point  ($$$) 4.5
Local Cuisine, Fine Dining, Seasonal Menu, Restaurant, Dinner, Wine Bar

Seasonal Ingredients, Cozy Atmosphere, Wine Selection, Cozy Ambiance, Boutique Wines, Farm-to-Table Menu, Local Ingredients, Seasonal Menu

1119 Wilshire Boulevard, Wilshire Montana, santa monica

Rustic Canyon is a cozy, upscale neighborhood wine bar and restaurant located in Santa Monica, offering a warm and inviting atmosphere. Patrons can savor a curated selection of boutique wines paired with a menu of seasonal, farm-to-table dishes that highlight local Californian ingredients.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Dinner, Pizzeria, Restaurant, Dine-in, Italian Restaurant, Takeout

Historic Venue, Vegetarian options, Casual Dining, Family Friendly, Classic Italian menu, Casual dining, Family-friendly atmosphere, Authentic Italian Cuisine, Homemade recipes

1650 Colorado Boulevard, Northeast Los Angeles, los angeles

Casa Bianca Pizza Pie is a beloved family-owned pizzeria located in the heart of Eagle Rock, serving up classic Italian-American fare since the 1950s. Known for its thin-crust pizzas topped with a generous amount of cheese and fresh ingredients, this cozy eatery has a warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes it a popular spot among locals and visitors alike.

107. Otium
 ($$$$) 4.7
Contemporary American Cuisine, Restaurant, Fine Dining, Contemporary, Communal Dining, Dining, Dinner

Communal Tables, Adjacent to Museum, Open Kitchen, Seasonal Menu, Outdoor Seating, Private Events, Cocktail Bar

222 South Hope Street, Downtown Los Angeles, los angeles

Otium is a contemporary restaurant that strips away the formalities of dining while focusing on the quality of food, warm service, and relaxed casual ambiance, poised to be a sanctuary for guests looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

108. Pace
 ($$$) 4.5
Dining, Culinary Experience, Dinner, Fine Dining, Restaurant, Italian Cuisine

Wood-Fired Pizza Oven, Artisanal Menu, Historic Venue, Romantic Ambiance, Local Produce, Wine Selection, Private Events, Organic Ingredients, Wood-fired Oven

2100 Laurel Canyon Boulevard, Central LA, los angeles

Pace is an enchanting Italian restaurant nestled in the heart of Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles. Known for its cozy ambiance and exceptional cuisine, it's a hidden gem that offers a romantic escape from the city's hustle. The charming decor, with its dim lighting and rustic touches, creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.

109. Gjelina
 ($$$) 4.5
Dining, Lunch, Restaurant, Cuisine, Eatery, Dinner

Seasonal menu, Vegetarian-friendly, Outdoor seating, Local ingredients, Rooftop garden, Rustic ambiance, Trendy atmosphere, Artisanal pizzas, No substitutions policy

1429 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice, los angeles

Gjelina is a trendy, bustling eatery located on the famed Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, California. Known for its chic, minimalist decor and a vibrant atmosphere, it serves up a delectable array of New American fare with a focus on locally-sourced ingredients. The menu features everything from artisanal pizzas to creative small plates that showcase the best of California's produce.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Mediterranean Cuisine, Dining, Lunch, Rooftop Terrace, Outdoor Seating, Dinner, Restaurant

Outdoor Seating, Vegetarian Options, Private Dining, Wine Selection, Private Events, Outdoor Terrace, Historic Building, Rooftop Dining

64 West Union Street, Old Pasadena, pasadena

Nestled in the heart of Old Pasadena, Cafe Santorini offers an escape to a Mediterranean oasis. Renowned for its al fresco dining, the cafe serves up a delectable array of Mediterranean-inspired dishes, from succulent kebabs to mouth-watering pastas, all paired with an extensive wine list.

111. n/naka
 ($$$$) 4.9
Dinner, Kaiseki, Restaurant, Japanese Cuisine, Fine Dining

Michelin Starred, Seasonal Menu, Sake Pairing, Private Dining, Wine Pairing, Chef's Counter

3455 Overland Avenue, Westside Village, los angeles

n/naka is a renowned Michelin-starred restaurant in Los Angeles, California, offering an intimate dining experience with a focus on seasonal and artfully presented dishes. Helmed by Chef Niki Nakayama, n/naka takes diners on a gastronomic journey through modern kaiseki, a traditional Japanese multi-course meal.

112. Casa Vega
 ($$) 4.2
Historic Spot, Historic Site, Dinner, Lunch, Mexican Cuisine, Family Dining, Dining, Restaurant

Vegetarian Options, Takeout, Alcohol Served, Dine-In, Private Parking, Full Bar, Family Friendly, Classic Decor, Authentic Cuisine

13301 Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, los angeles

Casa Vega is an iconic, family-owned Mexican restaurant located in the heart of Sherman Oaks, California. With its dimly-lit ambiance, classic Mexican decor, and a lively atmosphere, it's a local favorite for authentic flavors and margaritas that pack a punch.

113. Shojin
 ($$$) 4.5
Gourmet, Restaurant, Vegan, Dinner, Dining, Japanese, Japanese Cuisine, Macrobiotic, Healthy, Sushi Bar

Japanese Culinary Techniques, Vegan options, Sustainable dining, Allergy-Friendly Menu, Natural Flavors, Organic Ingredients, Vegan Options, Reservations, Gluten-free options, Intimate Ambiance, Organic ingredients

333 South Alameda Street, Downtown Los Angeles, los angeles

Shojin is a culinary haven located in the Little Tokyo area of Downtown Los Angeles, offering an exquisite dining experience with a focus on organic and natural ingredients. This vegan sushi and Japanese restaurant prides itself on creating innovative dishes that are not only healthy but also a delight to the senses.

Point  ($$) 4.5
Breakfast, Eatery, Dinner, Sandwich Shop, Restaurant, Salad Bar

Kid-Friendly, Catering Services, Vegetarian Options, Delivery Options, Outdoor Seating, Seasonal Menu, Locally Sourced Ingredients, Takeout Available, Family-Friendly, Vegan Options, Local Produce, Indoor Seating

175 South Fairfax Avenue, Central LA, los angeles

Mendocino Farms is a cheerful and contemporary eatery offering a farm-to-table dining experience. Known for its gourmet sandwiches and vibrant salads, the restaurant emphasizes fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and a menu that caters to a variety of dietary preferences.

Point  ($$$$) 4.5
Dinner, Sushi Bar, Fine Dining, Japanese Cuisine, Restaurant, Peruvian Cuisine

Chef's Special, Gourmet Dining, Exclusive Menus, Signature Dishes, Celeb-Favorite Spot, Sushi Counter, Innovative Cocktails, Private Dining Rooms

903 North La Cienega Boulevard, Melrose, los angeles

Nobu Los Angeles is an exquisite dining destination famed for its elegant atmosphere and fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine. The sophisticated interior complements an exceptional culinary experience.